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Network Encryption

Oracle Database 12c provides support for encrypting network traffic to and from the Oracle database. Oracle supports both SSL/TLS and a native network encryption capability that can be turned on by simply modifying the Oracle sqlnet.ora configuration file. Supported encryption algorithms include AES and 3DES with key sizes up to 256. Please refer to the Oracle documentation for additional details on configuring network encryption with the Oracle database.

Security Solutions

Oracle Database Vault
Oracle Advanced Security
Oracle Label Security
Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall
Data Masking

Security Features

Strong Authentication
Network Encryption
Real Application Security
Unified Auditing
Secure External Password Store
Virtual Private Database
Traditional Database Auditing
Proxy Authentication
Enterprise User Security
Secure Application Roles
Fine Grained Auditing

Customer Successes

Industry leading organizations globally rely on Oracle Database Security Solutions to protect data privacy, address insider threats, and meet regulatory compliance - without changes to their existing applications, saving time and money.
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Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall

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