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Oracle Label Security

Controlling Secure Application Roles with
OLS User Authorizations

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Labels consists of three components: Required Levels, and optional Compartments and Groups. In this example, the levels will be 'Confidential' and 'Sensitive', and the compartment will be 'PII'; no groups are used:

Oracle Label Security Label Components

The same could be achieved using the following scripts:

  policy_name => 'PROTECT_PII',
  level_num => 1000,
  short_name => 'C',
  long_name => 'CONFIDENTIAL');

  policy_name => 'PROTECT_PII',
  level_num => 2000,
  short_name => 'S',
  long_name => 'SENSITIVE');

  policy_name => 'PROTECT_PII',
  comp_num => 100,
  short_name => 'PII',
  long_name => 'PERS_INFO');


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