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Oracle Database 12c introduces the next generation Oracle virtual private database (VPD) with new security technology to support application security requirements. Oracle Database 12c Real Application Security (RAS) provides a declarative model that enables security policies that encompass not only the business objects being protected but also the principals (users and roles) that have permissions to operate on those business objects. RAS is more secure, scalable, and cost effective than traditional Oracle virtual private database technology.

Unlike the existing Oracle VPD, RAS provides a declarative interface that allows developers to define the data security policy, application roles, and application users without requiring application developers to create and maintain PL/SQL stored procedures. With RAS, the data security policies are defined inside the database kernel using the Oracle Database 12c RAS API. The permissions associated with business objects are stored in Access Control Lists (ACLs) that are defined and maintained through the RAS API. ACLs are a key component of Real Application Security and store the privileges assigned to principals and control the type of operations (select, insert, update and delete) that can be performed on the objects.

Security Solutions

Oracle Database Vault
Oracle Advanced Security
Oracle Label Security
Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall
Data Masking

Security Features

Strong Authentication
Network Encryption
Real Application Security
Unified Auditing
Secure External Password Store
Virtual Private Database
Traditional Database Auditing
Proxy Authentication
Enterprise User Security
Secure Application Roles
Fine Grained Auditing

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Industry leading organizations globally rely on Oracle Database Security Solutions to protect data privacy, address insider threats, and meet regulatory compliance - without changes to their existing applications, saving time and money.
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