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Unified and Conditional Auditing

Oracle Database 12c Unified Auditing enables selective and effective auditing inside the Oracle database using policies and conditions. The new policy based syntax simplifies management of auditing within the database and provides the ability to accelerate auditing based on conditions. For example, audit policies can be configured to audit based on specific IP addresses, programs, time periods, or connection types such as proxy authentication. In addition, specific schemas can be easily exempted from auditing when the audit policy is enabled.

New roles have been introduced for management of policies and the viewing of audit data. The AUDIT_ADMIN and AUDIT_VIEWER roles provide separation of duty and flexibility to organizations who wish to designate specific users to manage audit settings and view audit activity. The new architecture unifies the existing audit trails into a single audit trail, enabling simplified management and increasing the security of audit data generated by the database. Audit data can only be managed using the built-in audit data management package within the database and not directly updated or removed using SQL commands. Three default policies are configured and shipped out of the box. Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall 12.1.1 is integrated with the new Oracle Database 12c Unified Auditing for audit consolidation. Please refer to the Oracle documentation for additional details on auditing with the Oracle database.

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