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Protecting Applications and Databases

Maintaining properly configured databases and applications is important in today's highly regulated environment. Auditors commonly look for undocumented database users and unapproved changes to applications. Application tables may change during patching and upgrades but rarely is a new table created except during major upgrades and product installations. A common security requirement facing organizations today is how to control usage of DDL commands by those who have these privileges, such as the database schema that owns the application. For example, internal development or support personnel may approach a junior DBA and request a temporary account in a production database to debug an open issue. Creating a new account in a production database can raise alarms with internal and external auditors.

The business drivers for this security requirement include:

Separation of duty
Secure configuration
Strong internal control mandates in regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley
Protection of personally identifiable information (PII)

Oracle Database Vault provides security to address this common security requirement.

Separation of duty
Command Rules
Multi-factor authorization

Click here to learn how these can be used to protect your application and database environments:

Protecting Applications and Databases with Oracle Database Vault

Oracle Database Vault Customers

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Protect Application Data from DBA and Privileged Users (Viewlet | Oracle by Example)
Restrict DBA commands based on IP address (Viewlet | Oracle by Example)

Security Features

Data Encryption
Virtual Private Database
Database Auditing
Backup Encryption
Export file encryption
Proxy Authentication
Enterprise User Security
Secure Application Roles
Fine Grained Auditing

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Technical Information

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Security Options

Oracle Database Vault
Oracle Advanced Security
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Discussion Forums

Audit Vault

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