SecureFiles Performance Test Kit

The SecureFiles Performance Test Kit compares the performance of SecureFiles to older LOBs or BasicFiles. SecureFiles and LOB performance is measured using two of the popular database driver protocols, namely the JDBC OCI driver (Type II driver) and the JDBC Thin driver (pure Java, Type IV driver). In addition, the kit also compares performance under different caching and logging conditions.

Throughput is the metric used to measure performance for both reads and writes. The kit can be customized to run with different lob sizes, number of iterations, concurrent threads etc. The README file contains more information on setting up the kit and running the tests.

Download Download the SecureFiles Performance Test Kit.

Running the Test Kit

The following steps need to be performed to compare performance from SecureFiles vs BasicFiles.

1. Run setup.sql
Setup.sql will create a tablespace of 5GB and a test user. setup.sql should be edited to create the test tablespace on a raw device or ASM diskgroup.

2. If Oracle data files are on a filesystem (like ext3), then please set following parameters in your init.ora to get realistic comparison between SecureFile and BasicFile.
. filesystemio_options='setall'

3. ./ -H <hostname> -p <Listener_port> -i <service_name>
Compiles the java test program. Then runs SecureFiles vs BasicFiles comparison testing. There are additional parameters that can be set to customize the testing. Please type -h to see the various options.

Interpreting Kit Output

The kit outputs the performance (throughput) using SecureFiles and BasicFiles from the various tests in an easy-to-read format.

The output columns are as follows:
1. Type (SecureFile or BasicFile)
2. Caching option (CACHE OR NOCACHE)
3. Logging option (LOGGING OR NOLOGGING)
4. Test (read or write)
5. Protocol (Thin or OCI8)
6. Throughput measure (in MB/s)

Sample output:
SecureFile NOCACHE NOLOGGING write thin 64.51 SecureFile NOCACHE NOLOGGING read thin 100.46 SecureFile NOCACHE LOGGING write thin 33.72 SecureFile NOCACHE LOGGING read thin 102.11 BasicFile NOCACHE NOLOGGING write thin 21.58 BasicFile NOCACHE NOLOGGING read thin 19.42 BasicFile NOCACHE LOGGING write thin 19.19 BasicFile NOCACHE LOGGING read thin 19.47

The tests were performed on a 3GHz 2-CPU Xeon server running RHEL 5. Your actual performance might vary depending on your test environment setup. As you can see from the sample output above, SecureFiles far outperforms LOBs for the same data using the same test environment. For instance, in NOCACHE and NOLOGGING condition using the Java thin driver, throughput from SecureFiles reads were 100.46MB/s while the corresponding throughput using BasicFiles reads were 19.42 MB/s. Write performance using SecureFiles (64.51 MB/s) is also superior to that of BasicFiles (21.58MB/s).

Download Download the SecureFiles Performance Test Kit.