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This page contains documents that describe and demonstrate Functional Patterns and Best Practices for specific tasks in development when utilizing the ADF (Application Development Framework) within JDeveloper 12c ( New Functional Patterns and Best Practices will appear on a regular basis both here and as extension updates to JDeveloper. Also check JDeveloper's online help and search the Web for more information that might be published on blogs.

Sample Applications

Oracle ADF Functional Patterns and Best Practices
 Create, Read, and Update Data using the ADF UI Shell and EJB
 Oracle User Interface Shell
 Accessibility Global Link
 Unsaved Changes
 ADF Region Interaction
 Initiate Control Flow within a Region from its Parent Page
 Enable/Disable a UI Component
 Layout Best Practices
       -  Layout Pattern: Compound Component in Form
       -  Layout Pattern: Table with Header Left, Footer Right
 Embedding Regions Inside PopUp Windows: Deprecated in this release (
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