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Oracle ADF Faces Components 10g

Oracle ADF Faces Components is a set of over a 100 JSF components that let you build a richer user interface for your Java EE applications leveraging the JSF standard. Oracle ADF Faces also includes many of the framework features most needed by JSF developers today.

Oracle JDeveloper 11g is now available featuring the all new Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client components. Over a 150 Ajax enabled JSF components.
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Oracle ADF Faces Components - 10.1.3

Oracle ADF Faces is a rich set of user interface components based on the JavaServer Faces JSR (JSR-127). The Oracle ADF Faces Components provide various user-interface components with built-in functionality - such as data tables, hierarchical tables, and color and date pickers - that can be customized and re-used in your application.

ADF Faces also includes many of the framework features most needed by JSF developers today:

  • Partial Page Rendering
  • Client-side validation
  • A pageFlow scope for variables
  • A new hybrid state saving strategy
  • Look and Feel Skining Support
  • Dialog Framework
  • Built-in Internationalization and Accessiblity support
  • File upload support is integrated at a component level

Getting Started
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 Oracle ADF Faces - Included in JDeveloper
 Oracle ADF Faces - Components Demo WAR
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 Apache Trinidad Project

Oracle has donated the Oracle ADF Faces Components to Apache to form the base for project Trinidad. The new Rich Client ADF Faces components are based on the trinidad components.

Getting Started
 Using Apache Trinidad components in JDeveloper
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