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Oracle Application Express Listener 2.0.3: Bugs Fixed

Date: August 13, 2013

This list contains only a selection of higher priority bugs, customer bugs and issues raised by the community on the OTN Forum since the release of version 2.0.2.

 Addressed a problem with empty string values being omitted from JSON objects.
 Fixed a problem with Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) requests not working for protected RESTful Services.
 Fixed a problem with CORS requests not working on Google Chrome and Apple Safari Web Browsers.
 Addressed a problem with non-ASCII characters in Content-Disposition HTTP Headers. Oracle Application Express Listener now implements RFC 5987 and normalizes Content-Disposition headers to conform to RFC-5987.
 Added support for rendering nested results to JSON. Queries can now include nested top level cursors, which are automatically translated into nested JSON arrays. Note this feature does not work with RESTful Services that are using automatic pagination.
 Fixed a problem with conditional HTTP PUT and DELETE operations not working correctly.
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