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Commercial Applications

Agenor Technology -  
ICEflo - Implementations in a Controlled Environment
ICEflo is a unique Implementation Management SaaS solution that dramatically reduces the operational, reputational and financial risks associated with implementing change. Organisations of every size are compelled to apply change to their ICT business systems and the first priority is to limit the impact this change has across the business. In a context where protection of service availability is paramount, combined with ever-reducing service windows, successfully delivering time-constrained Implementations represents a major challenge. ICEflo has been designed specifically to meet this challenge head-on; to provide a powerful and robust platform for the management of time-constrained change enabling thorough planning and precise control. Changes of this type are traditionally managed using Project Management software or more frequently using MS Excel spreadsheets. Runbooks and Playbooks are terms often used to describe these condensed, time-critical task schedules. With ICEflo, we take the Runbook/Playbook concept and deliver a 21st century solution that embraces web technology and provides a bespoke solution with a rich-feature set that revolutionises our customers Implementation Management. Developed by practitioners, for practitioners, ICEflo delivers a broad range of functionality that helps maximise service availability and minimises risk whenever and wherever time-constrained change occurs.
AgiLab -  
Laboratory Information Solutions
AgiLab is a french company designing and developing applications for Laboratories using Oracle APEX. We provide LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and ELN (Electronic Lab NoteBook) for QC and R&D Laboratories. AGILAB's aim is to provide a new generation of web applications which are innovative, powerful and user friendly.
Archive Purge Manager
Archive Purge Manager is a powerful and simple to use tool, meta-data driven based on Oracle Technology that can address the longing need of Archival and Purging within the Organization that runs on Oracle Database.
Why Archive Purge Manager?
  • In order to maintain data consistency and optimal system performance, users should perform the archiving/purging process routinely
  • Provide capability to archive data based on user defined criteria for the entire database, for selected business units or for selected entities
  • Maintain complete log of tables purged/archived
  • Managing compliance related to data retention policies and preservation of database data as required
  • Easy to Implement
  • User-friendly User Interface and ease of use
Key Features:
  • Meta-data driven Setup
  • Supports Simulation Process
  • Supports Schedule (date and time) based Processing
  • Audit Trail
  • Run Logs
  • Process Status Notification
  • Operational Reports (in future release)
  • Ability to define Archive/Purge templates
  • View Archive history, Purge history and Restore history
  • Database Archiving/Purge - relocates data from production-Transactional tables, without altering the format of the data
  • Maximize performance of the application through reduced amount of data to process
  • Brings efficiency in Infrastructure Utilization or operational efficiency
  • Develop and implement data retention policies
  • Access Archived data
  • Brings down overall TOI and increase in ROI
  • Highly user configurable process setup
Scoring Model Manager
Scoring Model Manager is a light-weight, efficient and user-friendly score decision engine available to set up your own scoring model and arrive at your decision score.
Why Scoring Model Manager?
  • Scoring Model Manager can be used as an objective risk management tool, which ensure centralized, uniform, more consistent and reliable decision management across organization
  • With scored customers you can automatically take profitable decisions, such as accept/reject/on-hold increase/decrease credit limit, send/hold cross-sale offer, etc
  • Once a model has been created by a data mining application, the model can then be used to make predictions for new data
Key Features:
  • Define custom Scoring Models and Decision based on the Score
  • Batch /online scoring and decisions
  • View and analyze the final score, decision or drill down to each parameter value, score and deviation
  • Set up multiple Scoring Models
  • Supports Schedule (date and time) based Processing
  • Audit Trail
  • Decrease decision time, streamline operations
  • Automate operational decisions and reduce labor costs
  • Reduce human decision error and obsolete subjectivity biases
Bliva -  
The iWebFiles browser provides an enterprise class way of organizing your files. WebFiles are created using Oracle technologies such as XMLDB and Application Express which means that storage of files are made in a both secure and robust manner. Our software runs equally well in full scale enterprise environments with large databases and in smaller instances. Even the free Oracle XE database is supported which makes this software easy to use and install even in enterprises where no Oracle presently exists today.
The filemanagement software from iWebFile gives your enterprise a full scale solution for managing and sharing your files with both employees and customers. Features include:
  • Drag and drop upload of files
  • Access files from anywhere
  • Choose who you want to invite to be admin or viewer
  • Rich web-interface
  • WebDav access
  • Oracle Strength authentication
  • Supports all major browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari)
  • Works with Oracle XE
Centroid -  
Customer Credit Portal
Customer Credit Portal allows ERP users in the finance and credit department to have a 360° view of their customers across all operating units and to manage day to day credit decisions on company sales orders at every point of the order cycle. The application shows up to date AR data and Aging information along with the potential exposure risk of releasing Sales Orders to flow to fulfillment. The application allows you to release one, several or all orders that are on credit hold with a single click.
A presentation on Customer Credit Portal can be found here.
CompuCase BV -  
CompuCase Verzuimsoftware
Compucase Verzuimsoftware is the online successor to the successful Arco Verzuimsoftware. The system is offered as an online software package which allows the system to be accessed from any location. Backups, maintenance of hardware and software is automatically performed by the employees of Compucase for you. This we call an ASP or SaaS or Cloud system. Through years of experience and cooperation with occupational health services (arbo services) the system contains all the functionality for the operation of any modern health services. The software is easy to use for both the arbo service as for their customer users.
Target groups: The target groups are occupational health services (arbo services), case managers, absenteeism counseling companies and company doctors. Of course CompuCase can also used in larger companies at internal Arbo and HRM departments.
Medical Appointment Scheduling Software (EPRZYCHODNIA)
Main Features:
  • Easy to use calendar with self-refresh after action
  • One-click registration (Register with Facebook)
  • All info in calendar view
  • One-click appointments
  • Cross browser interface
  • Additional interfaces for developers
  • Optional SMS for messaging
  • Specialist referrals support
Document circulation and workflow system (SEOD)
Main Features:
  • Cross browser website interface
  • Your own workflow creator- create your own flow in minutes
  • Mail registers service
  • Documents archive service
  • Automatic jamming signalization
  • Advanced reporting
Service and reparation of assets system (MONZ)
Main Features:
  • Creating notifications directly by sales representative or end user of equipment
  • Automatic status control of notifications
  • Automatic service assignment
  • Deep reporting – checking the best/worst services, most reliable equipment, costs of service per unit
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Main Features:
  • Planning and realization of sales
  • Analytic reports, dashboards and more
  • Activity planning and monitoring
  • Advanced interactive reporting
e-DBA -  
The Edge is e-DBA's customer portal which primarily is a task scheduler, ticketing system, and provides reports and graphs on remote monitored systems. It's built using a tabbed pane layout which allows user to open and manage a significant amount of internal and external content in a single web page all via AJAX. Highlights include: Single Sign On capability with any website, cross site searching from a single text field, inline drill down reporting via AJAX, Anychart 5 integration, RSS feed viewer, SMS paging.
Erintech Ltd. -  
CarePathPlus is an advanced Patient Care Management application designed to be used by a Health Coach (Care Manager, qualified nurse) in a call centre. It provides support for patients (e.g. in recovery from acute conditions or with chronic conditions) or for Wellness programmes. It can be used as a key component of a Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) programme where it provides support for the definition and implementation of care pathways, together with outcomes analysis. The CarePathPlus system is also the perfect solution for advanced electronic patient records system applications in either Primary or Secondary care.

Functionality includes:
  • Electronic Patient Records
  • Scheduled events
  • Care Pathways
  • Assessment
  • Outcomes analysis
  • Integration with remote monitoring equipment
Benefits include:
  • Staff productivity is enhanced by the simple and intuitive interface, supported by a high performance back end
  • Multi-level security ensures that PID is protected
  • Reputable Linux/Oracle database platform
  • Advanced handling of a wide variety of data types from basic data (height, weight, blood pressure...) to images (x-ray, ECG, scanned reports...) and documents (word processing, spreadsheets, PDF) - all stored securely in the database
  • Simple definition of Care Pathways and Assessments using a GUI drag and drop interface
  • Automation generation of graphical output (e.g. Blood Pressure charts)
  • Automatic generation of calculated values (e.g. BMI)
  • Advanced inbuilt reporting features with access to ODBC interface if required
  • Scheduled query engine creates alerts and reports which are emailed to recipient(s)
Hotsos -  
Hotsos Application Workload Characterization Solution (HAWCS)
HAWCS provides a single dashboard view of business activity and Oracle performance metrics, giving you the visibility you need to produce radical improvements in the performance of your E-Business system. HAWCS eliminates the guesswork from the problem diagnosis phase of a performance improvement project by showing you how users, workload and performance are related.
iAdvise -  
Doxxy is an intuitive tool that allows you to generate operational reports and documents (like letters, orders, invoices, info-fiches, …) from the Oracle database. How does it work? Via a custom UI, completely built in APEX, you configure a report by:
  • Writing one or more queries
  • Uploading Word-templates (DOCX)
  • Optionally defining input parameters

The template may be prepared by a business user. The doxxy engine, written in pure PL/SQL, merges the template with the data fetched from the associated queries and, as a result, generates your desired document.Thanks to a simple PL/SQL API you can seamlessly integrate the doxxy engine in any Oracle (related) application, especially in APEX. In addition, installing the Doxxy-tool is a breeze thanks to its simple architecture: it all runs in the Oracle database!

Doxxy comes as a packaged APEX application. There is just one file which you can import in an APEX 4.x environment, including the supporting objects.
Association Management Software as a Service (SAAS)
As a result of its consulting expertise in information systems and association management, Insum Solutions has developed an application that allows associations, organizations and groups to optimize their business operations.
Adsum is a web-based software as a service (SAAS) application that enables organizations to optimize their business processes in order to provide a better service to their members. The application facilitates the management of an association’s website since it is directly linked to the membership management system and its inherent events.
The use of a single and unique APEX application for all of our customers allows them to have up-to-date software and centralized upgrades at a lower cost. The public website, member section, intranet section and administration section are all integrated in one solution.

Adsum covers the following business processes (and more) :
  • Corporate and Individual Profile Management (CRM)
  • Activities Management (including online registration)
  • Document Management
  • Website Content Management
  • Job Posting
  • Emailing Facilities
  • Dashboards
By adding new services for their members through our application software, we help our clients generate additional income.
Itilla -  
Laboratory Management Information System (LAMIS)
LAMIS 1.0 is a laboratory management information system for microbiology laboratories developed using Oracle APEX. It includes the following modules/features:
  • Patients (patient management, patient search, patient's illness history, vaccination, therapies, previous serological analysis, previous visits)
  • Biological samples data
  • Analysis (analysis management, analysis search)
  • Utilities (list of diseases, samples, analysis, analysis results, vaccination types, diagnoses types, laboratories, microorganisms, microorganism types, antibiotics, professions, preparation, hospital departments, referent values, referent values for analysis, reports, analysis templates)
  • User administration
  • Reporting (JasperServer) – Export reports into rtf, pdf, xls formats.
A presentation on LAMIS can be found here.

iTHAN -  

iSax - the web-based application for car rental management developed by iTHAN - is the perfect solution for medium and small Car Rental Companies. iSax can be used with all new generation browsers, such as IExplorer or Firefox, without any standalone software installation. User interface has been designed to be as simple as possible for all type of user. Thanks to iSax you can manage your fleet, create and modify rates and special offers, analyze your business trend with integrated bi tools and generate system reports such as vehicles detail, booking details ,invoices and much more. iSax implements a powerful and flexible booking system, that can be quickly integrated with your actual website. iSAX is the product of the experience in implementing similar systems for large companies.
Mauli Systems,Inc -  
MSI Data Certification System
Data Certification System is an automated reconciliation / balancing system to help companies to ensure the data integrity between systems / databases. Help mitigate the Operational Risk by adding controls and provide assistance in achieving compliance with a complete audit trail on internal controls for data. There are many disparate systems and databases in today’s enterprise. Data is also replicated to Data Warehousing, Operational Data Store, Data Marts, OLAP and there is always a chance that data in these different environments are not tying, due to either some programming error, data error, process / scheduler issue, human error, or changes in source or target environments. Many times such discrepancies are discovered by end users, which raises a reliability issue. Cost of Inaccurate data is substantial.

Why Quality and Accurate Data is important?
  • Accurate, Timely and Complete Data is necessary in today’s enterprise
  • Accurate Business Decisions
  • Mitigate Operational Risk and Ensure Compliance
  • Increase Trust on the systems/applications
  • Business customer satisfaction
  • Otherwise – Garbage in – Garbage out
MSI Data Certification System, an automated balancing / reconciliation system with the following key features:
  • Allows you to certify data between a source and a target. Source and Target can be two different databases or applications or disparate systems or just two tables/views within the same database or External Data files. Typical usage is to certify the data during different stages of data flow
  • Has built in facility to define tolerance % or tolerance value. Tolerances can be applied at each row level values or at the grand total values
  • Data flow can be stopped if there is any discrepancy outside of defined tolerance
  • Built in API can be used to certify data within the batch process or any application
  • Maintaining detailed audit trail with automated purge option
  • Detailed discrepancy reports
Method R -  
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Manager
You have performance SLAs you strive to meet. Method R's SLA Manager will help you meet those goals through Reporting and Trending. SLA Manager is multi-system capable, meaning you can track performance and SLA compliance for multiple database instances. For example, you can track the performance of a given task on your production system versus the performance of the same task on your development system.
Minerva Data -  
SaaS ITSM (Cloud IT Service Management)
Minerva Data Cloud IT Service Management is an ITIL based, enterprise class, full-featured SaaS ITSM. While most of ITSM products built by technology driven process, Minerva Data ITSM is built by user driven process, the result is a system that communicates simply with user, eliminates business complexity through flexible processes and higher productivity for both customers and users. Minerva Data ITSM modules scalable and flexible.
  • Service Desk
  • Request Fulfillment
  • Incident Management
  • Problem and Known Error Management
  • Change and Release Management
  • Service Management
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • Self Service Help Desk
Minerva Data ITSM Features:
  • ITIL based SaaS ITSM
  • Web 2.0 modern interface
  • Simple and clear
  • LDAP integration
  • SaaS customized security, email, user interface, reports, processes and business rules
  • Flashback query and As-of-Time ago data
  • Subscription and email sent HTML version of reports at designated intervals
  • Interactive selecting columns, applying filters, highlighting, sorting, breaks, aggregations, charts, group bys and computations
  • User ability to create multiple variations of a report and save them as named reports, for either public or private viewing
Momentum Technologies -  
MANITOU is a Professional Services Automation "PSA" solution to support professional services organizations. Advantages:
  • Establishes revenue projections
  • Optimizes resources utilization
  • Keeps track of project profitability
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Centralizes and shares business data
  • Reduces billing and invoicing cycle time
  • Reduces administrative costs
  • Supports overall business growth
  • 100% web based
  • Seats on Oracle technology (APEX 4.1 and Oracle 11g)
Supported Processes:
  • CRM
  • Human resources (including a complete staffing function)
  • Projects
  • Time and expenses
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Accounting (including integration to G/L and payroll services)
Mythics -  
Asset Manager
With its unlimited asset typing and attributing model, and an Oracle database architecture highly optimized for traditional asset tracking and reporting, this multi-purposing tool is ready to replace your desktop spreadsheeting with a comprehensive, enterprise-strength alternative.
Emergency Resource Manager (ERMA)
Crisis Management has no boundaries and requires the coordination and cooperation of numerous federal, state, and local agencies and the support of private industries. This complex knowledge sharing demands a scalable, secure, and highly available infrastructure, mechanisms for resource management consistent with today’s NIMS standards, and the tools to complement the needs and skills of the emergency manager. ERMA provides all the necessary operational tools to aid the resource manager while complementing the existing capabilities of your EOC's crisis management software.
License Orchestrator
License Orchestrator is fully capable of managing and tracking an infinite number of asset types (including but not limited to hardware, software, services, contracts, IP addresses, RFID tags) and associative attributes (pre-built or custom). This product (as with any 1Enterprise application) may be deployed on any operating environment that supports the Oracle database. This ensures there are virtually NO limits to the scope of IT assets tracked and managed in the License Orchestrator repository. Furthermore, since you’re tracking the whereabouts of your technology assets, you’ll also know their depreciation value, purchase price, present deployment status, support renewal, and much more information critical in maintaining a cost effective IT operation in support of your business economy.
Sales Assistant
1E Sales Assistant is a one-of-a-kind tool to help your business collect, manage, and disseminate customer-related information. It utilizes our Landing Pad™ technology to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign team, while ensuring your broadcast reaches its intended audience. Any business or government entity wishing for a more effective means of managing outbound campaigns with its customers, prospects, or partners will immediately realize the benefits of 1E Sales Assistant.
Neoface -  
Better.CRM is a Customer relationship management (CRM) solution for the SMB market. It's focused on the customer and aims to allow companies to attract, acquire and retain customers, improving their satisfaction by gaining a better understanding of their customer's needs and expectations. Better.CRM has 3 major areas: Sales automation, Customer support and Marketing. Better.CRM can reduce the access time to information through the use of tools that allows the extraction of information to be customized to the needs of each user, without having to make a large number of complex steps. Better.CRM distinguishes itself by allowing a company to obtain all the advantages of a traditional CRM solution but accessing it via the Internet, thereby reducing costs of software installation. It's delivered in two licencing models: Software as a Service (SaaS) and On-site instalation. Better.CRM is developed by Neoface using Oracle technology (Oracle Database and Oracle Application Express - APEX). For now, it is only available in Portuguese, but we're working on an English translation.
Better.TASKS is a collaboration solution for teamwork relating to project/tasks management. It allows you to annotate, schedule and assign tasks to a team of collaborators; set priorities, set deadlines, set alerts and store and distribute documents and memorandums. Through a simplistic and easy to use environment, tasks can be assigned to employees, and allows monitoring of the implementation and respective delays. Through an integrated system of content management, it is possible to store text and documents in a digital repository, which promotes an environment for knowledge sharing, discussion and collaboration between all the participants in a project, area or department. Better.TASKS is developed by Neoface using Oracle technology (Oracle Database and Oracle Application Express - APEX). It's delivered using a Software as a Service (SaaS) licence model. For now, it is only available in Portuguese, but we're working on an English translation.
Paetec Software Corp. -  
Pinnacle Communications Management Suite
The PINNACLE Communications Management Suite is an integrated Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) application that provides a scalable and flexible solution for streamlining an organization’s IT service support and service delivery processes. The eleven optional modules build upon the capabilities of the core Service Management application. PINNACLE provides a complete integrated Enterprise Application Suite (EAS) to help organizations implement and sustain a performance management strategy that will yield an initial and ongoing measurable hard-dollar and soft-dollar return on investment.

PINNACLE creates an audit trail for every transaction so the system automatically captures the information you need to conduct thorough trend analysis. With the intelligence gained from PINNACLE Optimization Manager, organizations are able to properly align support operations with their business objectives and maintain real-time business intelligence (BI).

PINNACLE delivery options are flexible and tailor exactly to the level of involvement each specific operating environment requires. PINNACLE is available in a variety of delivery models ranging from Licensed, Hosted and Managed Services.

Service Manager
Service Manager establishes the foundation for leveraging the PINNACLE Communication Management Suite to manage the lifecycle for all of technology services. Service Manager provides the ability to partition end-users’ access by specific job roles. End-users will gain real time insight by leveraging powerful reporting capabilities that are embedded within every window. PINNACLE Service Manager provides the ability to:
  • Track the distribution, ownership, configuration and interdependencies of all services.
  • Allocate costs for all provisioned services.
  • Customize menus, access and presentation of windows to specific job roles.
  • Organize security for end-users to access windows, features and published reports.
  • Improve organizational performance by leveraging PINNACLE’s Business Intelligence capabilities.
Usage Manager
Usage Manager leverages a flexible rules-based engine to provide end-users the capabilities to process all types of usage data. Customers can manage all aspects of setup and configuration activities for processing voice, cellular, web conferencing services, printer, disk storage systems and other network services directly from the user interface. PINNACLE’s Usage Manager provides the ability to:
  • Dynamically configure usage collection and processing activities directly within the user interface.
  • Assign financial ownership for all usage activities.
  • Proactively manage the capacity and availability requirements of communication infrastructure components.
  • Analyze multiple rate plans against actual service usage.
  • Examine usage reports to ensure proper utilization of services, eliminate unused services and proactively identify misuse.
  • Identify potential service quality issues.
  • Achieve new levels of efficiency in network capacity and availability management.
Invoice Manager
Invoice Manager eliminates the inefficiencies and liabilities of manual intervention by automating the reconciliation of invoices against your service inventory, contracted rates, and previous invoices. Invoice Manager helps reduce operational costs and improve organizational performance by:
  • Simplifying the lifecycle of managing invoices.
  • Automating the reconciliation of invoices to service inventory and contracted rates.
  • Leveraging flexible configuration options to define acceptable variances and workflow procedures for approving invoices.
  • Incorporating all necessary information to manage disputes in a timely manner using simple mouse clicks.
  • Effectively managing partial payments to increase leverage in resolving disputes.
  • Enabling real-time financial analysis of vendor charges, payments, disputes and cost allocation activities.
  • Enabling comprehensive cost-to-revenue financial analysis.
Chargeback Manager
Chargeback Manager provides a means for customers to conveniently access billing and other financial information as well as remit payments using a web browser. Chargeback Manager also supports individual and automated credit card payments and business-to-business (B2B) transactions with third-party collection agencies or general ledger financial systems. Chargeback Manager alleviates the labor costs related to the printing and distribution of internal billing statements and empowers organizations by supporting:
  • Flexible rate structures and billing periods.
  • Secure web access to billing statements and other financial reports.
  • Credit limits to govern access to services via automatic activations or deactivations.
  • Multiple automated payment models including:
    • General Ledger – Automated cost allocation for administrative organizations.
    • Billing Receivables – 3rd Party billing and collections.
    • Accounts Receivables – Internal billing and collections.
Optimization Manager
Optimization Manager enables multiple perspectives of real-time insight to help evaluate operational efficiency and assess whether the financial goals of your performance management program are being achieved. PINNACLE Optimization Manager will help your organization:
  • Analyze organizational performance.
  • Monitor the way end-users are actually using the application.
  • Diagnose system performance.
  • Align performance management activities to improving financial results.
  • Identify trends and opportunities to optimize service delivery.
  • Validate results against SLAs and contracts.
  • Assess financial impact relative to rate plan changes.
  • Provide real-time insight to the end-users and managers when they need it and wherever they need it.
Integration Manager
PINNACLE provides a variety of capabilities to automate the workflow and integration between Service Desk operations and:
  • Telephone Provisioning System (e.g. PBX, VoIP system)
  • Carrier Provisioning System (e.g. Verizon)
  • Enterprise Applications (e.g. Remedy, CAD, etc.)
Inventory Manager
Inventory Manager helps organizations centralize and automate the lifecycle of asset accountability from requisition through retirement. Inventory Manager provides a comprehensive and flexible data model that can be configured to track parameters specific to all types of inventory devices and applications. Inventory Manager empowers your organization with the tools to implement and sustain a proactive approach to performance management by:
  • Managing the lifecycle of physical inventory.
  • Managing procurements and replacements.
  • Monitoring vendor performance, procurement costs and deliveries.
  • Tracking storage and the distribution of assets.
  • Automating maintenance of warranty schedules, maintenance cycles and reviews.
  • Accounting for and analyzing the total cost of ownership.
  • Enabling compliance to regulatory standards through powerful reports and searching capabilities.
  • Maintaining a detailed audit trail for all transactions.
Infrastructure Manager
Infrastructure Manager provides a centralized framework to maintain the integrity of your communications network by tracking the continuity from provisioning equipment through fiber strands, cross-connections, cables and service outlets. Infrastructure Manager is integrated within the service desk to help streamline operations by:
  • Reducing the time and expense involved to document installations, repairs and changes.
  • Efficiently managing the reconfiguration and replacement of cables and network devices.
  • Tracking the port configuration of network provisioning devices.
  • Governing the integrity of infrastructure documentation.
  • Reducing the mean time to activate and mean time to repair via immediate insight into the capacity and availability of your infrastructure.
E911 Manager
E911 Manager alleviates manual intervention and manages the referential integrity of creating the Automatic Location Identifier (ALI) E911 NENA transactions by:
  • Automatically generating the appropriate Insert/Change/Delete ALI record.
  • Providing intelligent generation of transactions for telephone numbers installed at multiple locations.
  • Filtering extraneous records through flexible configuration options.
  • Flexible scheduling of file creation for uploading to carriers.
  • Maintaining a history of all transactions.
Service Desk Manager
Service Desk Manager leverages the capabilities of the entire integrated PINNACLE application suite. Service Desk reduces the costs and time required to process service orders and resolve incidents. The value that Service Desk provides to an organization includes:
  • A single point of control for service orders and incidents.
  • Powerful self-service options for customers to submit and review the status of processing service orders or incidents.
  • Service Catalogs to streamline self-service and process automation.
  • Efficient standardization of data entry and quality assurance.
  • Automated workflow and routing of tasks.
  • Comprehensive insight into the infrastructure to quickly diagnose the business impact of catastrophic incidents.
  • Quick categorization and prioritization of resolutions to enable root-cause analysis.
  • The ability to reduce resolution times, service outages and mean time to activation through process automation.
PostMe -  
Our Website offers Public and business services:
  • Sending a disconnect requests to Israeli Service Providers (Free)
  • Sending Fax directly from website (Free)
  • Delivery Service
  • Sending PostMail directly from website
  • SMS Packages for Business
Systems Automation -  
DocuBank is a powerful enterprise document management software to capture, manage, and share paper and digital documents. It lets you improve the end results with increased efficiency and teamwork, and reduce risk associated with the paper documents. It helps you to:
  • Search your documents instantly
  • Protect your Documents from disasters (Fire, Natural Calamities etc)
  • Save Costly Storage Space
  • Share Document easily (With security)
SISSO is an application developed to help companies comply with OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series), a well recognize International standards on health Security on the Job, it is a management system of health and safety (OHSMS) that promotes safe work environments and healthy by providing a framework that allows the organization to consistently identify and control risks to health and safety, reduce potential accidents, support enforcement and improve overall performance. Any organization wishing to implement a formal procedure to reduce the risks associated with health and safety in the work environment for employees, customers and the general public should adopt SISSO. SISSO provides support for the following areas of OHSAS:
  • Management of assess and control risks
  • OHSAS management program
  • Structure and responsibility
  • Training, awareness and competence
  • Function control
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Measuring, monitoring and improving performance
Trinoor -  
TAStK is a enterprise wide Time keeping solution, designed to handle complex pay rates including for hourly, shift and union employees. TAStK includes:
  • Easy to use employee time entry
  • Exception tracking
  • Rostering/Scheduling
  • Fatigue and Risk Management
  • Contractor and Outage labour management
Unika Consulting Solutions -  
Oracle Audit Reporting
The application helps to answer questions Who, What, Where and When about any database activity by exploring an Oracle standard audit. Analyze the audit events summary and details from multiple databases using the APEX application. Implement solution within 15 minutes. No previous APEX knowledge or keyboard required.
Email to be included on our Community page.