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Internet Applications

APEX Evangelists -
The website of the APEX Evangelists. They promote Oracle Application Express in Europe and beyond, are actively involved in the Oracle APEX community, and also give the "European APEX Training Days".

Climb Up -
Climbing in Holland is rather popular. Yes, "indoor" climbing. Climb up is a sporting club that organises training, social events for members and competitions. And they arrange trips to "real" mountains in places like France. The site is fed with news, articles and reports and contains a calendar with sporting and social activities where members can subsribe online. In the non-public section, members can see and alter (some) membership information. Authorised members can add or alter content and upload pictures.

e-Oncologist -
e-Oncologist is web based decision support system tool that is built as part of research into using data mining technology in the medical field. The web site uses the Oracle Database 11g Release 1 Enterprise Edition to store the data of the patients, the medical records and the data mining models and algorithms. The user interface and the forms are built using APEX 3.2.

Free Parking Space -
Free Parking Space is a new generation web based service that connects tourists, motorists, local councils and local businesses. Our aim is to help resolve some of the parking problems that we face in our daily lives and therefore make parking (and life) enjoyable! We provide free street parking information to all motorists in United Kingdom. Though this information is available in the public domain there is currently no single source to access this data. Our site offers parking options near tourist attractions, stations, shopping complexes and town centres etc. Users can search by attraction and/or town name and our endeavour is to provide free parking information "close" to the desired place. Unfortunately in big cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham etc. all day free parking spaces are gradually diminishing and often these are far away from local attractions. We also appreciate that it is not always possible to park far away especially for motorists with children, disabled or elderly people. Hence, in addition to free parking information we also provide street side pay and display parking and private parking information. This will provide motorists with an option to park legally in the absence of free parking.

I Love PL/SQL -
If you get lots of satisfaction from using PL/SQL, but you also have lots of ideas on how to improve the language... this website gives you the possibility to send a message to the Oracle PL/SQL Product Manager, telling him what you think is most important to change/add in PL/SQL.

LeReve -
LeReve is a cosmetics company. Indulge your senses... explore our exquisite range of Fine Fragrances, sensual Aromatherapy and superb Skincare collections.

Mountain Travel Company LLC -
Mountain Travel Company is the fastest growing mountain specific online rental community in North America. We make booking mountain vacation rentals incredibly simple. Homeowners List your vacation home for Free in a few simple steps. Travelers, connect directly with homeowners, confirm availability and book your vacation rental like you book a hotel room. Travelers never need to give personal information out as all communication is handled in a secure way directly on our site.

Moyersoen Online -
Moyersoen is one of the biggest auction houses in Belgium. Moyersoen Online is the portal where the customers meet the offers (auctions, sales, take overs, real estates) and bid for it.

This application was developed by Cronrom, member of Cronos Group (
North Star BMW CCA -
We use Oracle APEX for the public application that displays event information in the homepage and calendar, homepage headlines, handles member information, member car pictures, classified ads and miscellaneous website links. We also have a section that requires a login for members to register for various events, update their car information and submit classified ads. There is an even larger administrative application for maintaining events, members and other activities that is only available to the club board members.

Omnisoft -
Omnisoft is an Oracle Gold partner in Milan with 15 years experience on Oracle technological and application stack: we strongly believe on Apex potential since release 1.5 We have successfully implemented and developed Apex for our customers, both small and big companies in the industrial and public market in Italy and Switzerland. Our passion and commitment to “customer first” has been strategic in achieving our customer’s expectations by introducing many Apex applications for Admin, logistics, CRM, sales, production, healthcare. In order to fulfill our customers’ needs, we have delivered optimized Apex applications for desktop, mobile or inventory handheld devices with technological solutions for managing offline/online modalities. We have integrated Apex applications with ERP systems (Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP or customized) and migrated existing applications (Excel, Access, Forms, etc) . To best serve our customer we focus on continuous improvement investing on trainings and development on Apex functionalities and innovations. We actively support our customer with classes, onsite training and mentoring serivices . Feel free to contact us to evaluate your expectations, project or expectations!

Opal Consulting -
Opal Consulting is a German consultancy company with more than 10 years of project experience in Oracle technologies (Forms, Reports, Portal, Internet Application Server, Oracle XE and Oracle Application Express), in particular the creation of Web applications, Opal Consulting provides services in Consulting, Training, and Project Work.

This application was built to showcase Opal Consulting's ability to build an appealing Web application in order to get a customer to "buy into" the underlying technology, being Oracle Application Express running on Oracle

Priceblog -
A price watch site where users record the price of the items.

Reading Rewards -
Reading Rewards is a fun, new reading incentive program for kids that can be used at home or as a teaching tool in the classroom! Kids accumulate 'RR' Miles, which they can exchange for fun and sometimes silly things on the site: joke of the day, video of the day (always safe, kid-friendly videos our editors find), mini-games, and more. We even have an RR Store where kids can spend their miles and buy real stuff! Parents or other sponsors can contribute to the store and add their very own rewards for their kids. Kids earn their RR Miles by reading, and telling us what and how much they read! They get bonuses for reviewing their books, and making recommendations to friends.

Sumner Technologies -
The home of Sumner Technologies, LLC, is the customer facing side of a 100% APEX-based CRM system. All client interactions are tracked with this site, from lead to timecards. Clients of Sumner Technologies, LLC can log in to view timesheets, update requirements and create trouble tickets, thus keeping both us and them more informed.

Utah Department of Transport (UDOT) -
The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) public website is made up of two APEX applications, a content management application and the public facing application. Over 1000 pages of content, which can include images and downloadable documents, are presented through the public application. The content management application allows dozens of authors from many departments to create new content. Content is then approved by a publisher and made available on the public website based on the contentâ??s specified valid dates. Since go-live in October 2007 the public site is averaging around 6000 visits per day.

xTra4o: XLIFF-Translator for Oracle -
xTra4o is a utility, developed in Oracle APEX by iAdvise, to help in the third step of the translation process of any Oracle APEX application. This step stands for the translation of all "visible texts and terms" of the XLIFF-file from a source to a target language.

Ask Tom -
Ask Tom is one of the most popular "Ask the Expert" sites for Oracle.

Oracle Learning Library - OLL
The Oracle Learning Library (OLL) allows you to search for free online learning content. The content ranges from videos, tutorials, articles, demos, step-by-step instructions to accomplish a specific task to in-depth, self-paced interactive learning modules. The content is developed by Oracle developers as well as trusted community members. New content is uploaded daily.

Oracle Store -
Oracle Store is being redeveloped using Oracle Application Express. This is the first release featuring Enterprise Linux and Virtualization (VM).

Think Quest -
ThinkQuest inspires students to think, connect, create, and share. Students work in teams to build innovative and educational websites to share with the world. Along the way, they learn research, writing, teamwork, and technology skills and compete for exciting prizes.

The pages visible to the public are static HTML and PHP pages but once registered and logged in the application is Oracle Application Express.

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