Oracle Application Express

Getting Started

Section 1 Obtain a Workspace

If you don't already have access to an instance of Application Express, the first step is to obtain an Oracle Application Express workspace. A workspace is a logical work area which is associated with one or more Oracle database schemas. The schema(s) store the database objects that you build your applications on. Select the most appropriate option from those listed below to obtain a workspace:

  • - Request a workspace on our free 'development only' service for evaluating the technology.
  • Oracle Database Cloud Service - Request service on the Oracle Database Cloud Service. Once provisioned you will be provided access to your cloud service which includes an Oracle Application Express workspace.
  • Oracle Database 12c - Utilize Oracle Database 12c installed within your corporate network (ask your Database Administrator to configure/upgrade the latest Application Express release. You can also install Oracle Datasbe 12c onto your laptop or desktop and follow the Installation Guide.
  • Oracle Database 11g Express Edition - Download Oracle XE and install on your laptop or desktop machine and then download the latest Application Express release and follow these instructions.
  • Oracle VM Virtual Box - Download Oracle VM Virtual Box and then import the Database Application Development Appliance which includes Oracle Database 11gR2, Application Express and a number of labs pre-installed.
  • Hosting Companies - Select from one of the many hosting providers and sign up for service.

Section 2 Take Self-Paced Learning Courses

Oracle Learning Library provides many Oracle by Examples (OBEs), Demos, Articles, etc for Application Express. The Oracle Learning Library site is built with Application Express and is a working showcase of Application Express features being used to provide an internet solution to users.

  • Oracle by Examples - OBEs provide prerequisite files and step-by-step instructions with screen shots that walk you through building various application components.

Section 3 Read Books

For those who learn best by reading then visit the list of Application Express Books. While reviewing the many titles available, read the book abstracts and select those that are best suited to your experience level.

Section 4 Watch Videos

Go to the Oracle Application Express YouTube playlists to watch a range of videos provided by the Application Express Development Team.

Oracle Learning YouTube Channel - Application Express has a number of short videos which demonstrate various aspects of Application Express.

Section 5 Examine Packaged Applications

Packaged Applications are a suite of business productivity applications, easily installed with only a few clicks as they are built directly into Application Express. These solutions can be readily used as production applications to improve business processes and are fully supported by Oracle. Packaged Applications also include a collection of sample applications which demonstrate some of the major features of Oracle Application Express.
Productivity Applications once installed can be unlocked. Please note that once unlocked then you can not get Oracle Support assistance with that application.
Sample Applications can also be downloaded from Oracle Technology Network and installed into any Application Express installation, Release 4.1 or above.

The unlocked productivity applications and the sample applications provide you with excellent pre-worked functioning solutions that you can inspect to determine how they were implemented and learn best practices.

Section 6 View Presentations

The Application Express Development Team provides a range of presentations to allow people to build their own slide decks. Many of these slide decks include notes to explain the key concepts of the slide.

Section 7 Complete Education Courses

Oracle University offers a number of courses on Application Express:

Numerous APEX Consulting Companies also provide training online, on-premises, or at their facilities.

Section 8 Reference the Documentation

The Oracle Application Express Documentation provides details on how to utilize Application Express. It is broken down into a number of different books aimed at different audiences.

Section 9 Get Certified

Once you are proficient at Oracle Application Express development you should take the Certified Expert exam. Oracle Certifications are among the most sought after badges of credibility for expertise in the Information Technology marketplace. You can differentiate yourself from your peers or competition and gain valuable job security by earning an Oracle certification.