Oracle Application Express

Check for Updates Privacy Information

Check for Updates, introduced with Application Express 4.0, allows for you to easily discover, download, and install new Application Express functionality and up-to-date patches.

When you use the Check for Updates feature, Application Express issues an HTTP request to the Oracle server where the update center is located, in a very similar way to browsing a URL from your web browser. The automatic Check for Updates feature is enabled by default, so Application Express will issue an HTTP request on initial startup. The following describes what information is sent to the server as part of that request, and how you can opt out of sending the requests if you are uncomfortable with it.

What Information is Sent

In order to provide the best possible service to our users, Application Express sends a few pieces of data as part of any Check for Updates command in addition to what is automatically sent by the browser in a HTTP request. The following is a list of the information dispatched over the network from Application Express:

  • Application Express version
  • APEX Listener version, if the APEX Listener is being used
  • OWA version
  • Database Version
  • Builder Language

Additional, non-identifying information is also sent by the browser in accordance with the HTTP specification.

How to Disable the Feature

To disable the automatic Check for Updates:

  • Click the edit icon in the upper right of the 'Available Updates' region on the Home page
  • Set 'Check for Available Updates' to 'No'
  • Click [Apply Changes]