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Customer Quotes

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  • "Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia has been using APEX since version 3.0 in 2007. I have found it to be the fastest way to develop internal business applications that are both durable and scalable. A database programmer with very limited exposure to web-based programming languages can produce significant output as an APEX developer. For over a decade, Oracle has demonstrated its continued commitment to APEX by releasing progressive versions that have kept APEX's look-and-feel relevant in a world of constant change. I can confidently say that we will be using APEX into the distant future here at the Gas Authority. And I look forward to future APEX releases that will continue to provide efficient ways to develop web-based, database applications."
    -- Scott von Kamecke - Senior Oracle Applications Developer
  • "Valdosta State University has used Application Express (APEX) since 2006 and it has become our preferred development tool. One application in particular, our Actionable Intelligence faculty portal, has been critical to the University’s award-winning success in improving our student retention and success rates, but that’s not all we’ve done with APEX. We have developed more than 100 other applications in support of our campus, some of which receive thousands of page views per day. Application Express is powerful, flexible, and easy to use. In my opinion, there is no better tool for enterprise-level rapid application development!"
    -- Arthur Rinberger - Applications Coordinator, Enterprise Applications and Analytics
  • "CROATIA insurance has been developing/maintaining our own core insurance system on Oracle technology (Designer/Headstart/Forms/Reports) for many years. We needed a technology replacement in order to support new business needs, and we evaluated different technology options from Oracle, Microsoft and Adobe. Although Oracle Application Express was not considered among favorites when we started the evaluation, during the evaluation, the local Oracle partner BiLog demonstrated all the benefits of different usages of APEX, resulting in a clear technology winner for replacing legacy systems at CROATIA insurance. Almost all of the front-­-end applications of our core insurance system are now based on Oracle APEX, which has enabled us to not only replace legacy systems but also significantly enhance required business functionality."
    -- Filip Ujevic - Director of Information Technology and Business Digitalization Division
  • "One important goal for us over this year is the need to support multiple platforms and devices including Macs, iPads and iPhones. Application Express 4.2 will allow us to develop an application once and deploy it to all these devices by incorporating ‘Responsive Design’ in the templates that automatically scale from the largest monitors to the iPad in landscape mode. Application Express achieves all this using industry standard responsive grids, mobile libraries and charting tools that work on all the platforms."
    -- Sayee Natarajan, Director of Sales Systems, Purdue Pharma
  • "We at the Brunswick Boat Group are very excited about Application Express 4.2. Our quality control application (QCIS) was written in Application Express to replace a software package costing $60,000 a year. Since delivering our Application Express application we have received rave reviews for its functional richness including the use of image maps. The only complaint is that our users currently have to work off Toughbooks. Application Express 4.2 will enable us to deliver QCIS on iPads which will be far easier and more productive for our users, especially as they can utilize features such as touch and tap."
    -- Tony Bowers, Senior Systems Analyst, Brunswick Boat Group
  • "At Cornerstone Brands we have seven unique Catalog/Internet retail businesses, representing $880 million in sales annually. To manage this business we used Oracle Application Express to quickly build a suite of highly intuitive, rich applications taking up to 10,000 orders a day. We’re especially excited with the enhancements to Dynamic Actions that come with Oracle Application Express 4.1. Oracle Application Express is a tool that is highly proliferated throughout our enterprise, and continues to be the tool of choice as we are presented with new business challenges."
    -- Paul Davidson, Director CMS Applications Development, Cornerstone Brands Inc.
  • "At Northgate Revenues & Benefits, we have used APEX to replace our legacy Oracle Forms system comprising around 1500 Forms. Our user interface has 10,000 end users daily, across 172 clients, who this year sent out over 12 million Council Tax annual bills worth £15billion and will pay out benefits of over £13billion. Our clients now experience, on average, sub second response times across a working day. We are continuing to leverage our investment in Oracle Application Express by delivering citizen facing solutions as well as launching the conversion of our Social Housing application which will replace 3,500 Oracle Forms running at 100 clients worldwide, with a total of 15,000 end users managing circa 3,000,000 properties. Oracle Application Express has helped us to make the move away from Oracle Forms whilst delivering benefits to our clients and our business."
    -- Alan Powell, Director of Products and Services, Northgate Public Services
  • "At PINNACLE Software Corporation, a division of PAETEC Incorporated, we utilize Oracle Application Express to develop our enterprise class Service Lifecycle management software that is used to help IT organizations manage their service support and service delivery business operations. We are eager to begin leveraging several of the new and enhanced features available within Oracle Application Express 4.0 designed to help facilitate larger team development. We are particularly excited about the ability to create dynamic actions and plug-ins to easily extend the functionality of the tool. Additionally, we hope to drive efficiencies within our development organization by leveraging the integrated project management, feedback and bug tracking features built inside the tool."
    -- Dennis Vanill, Senior Manager Software Development, PAETEC
  • "Oracle Application Express is the heart of our business. Liberty AV uses Oracle Application Express for CRM, inventory management and customer Web applications. Our Oracle Application Express applications are revenue generators. We are very excited about Oracle Application Express 4.0. One of the game-changers for us is the new Dynamic Actions feature. It is expected to reduce our use of JavaScript and allows for faster application development."
    -- Gary Clark, CIO, Liberty AV Solutions a subsidiary of Wesco - CSC family of companies
  • "Oracle Application Express is the primary custom development platform at General Healthcare Group (GHG). Its speed of delivery and ease of use has given GHG an excellent, cost effective, scalable platform to get the right tailored applications delivered when required. We're really looking forward to Oracle Application Express 4.0 where Dynamic Actions and the new reporting capabilities will provide a much richer user experience. Plug-Ins will also help us to technically streamline the way that we create, deliver and re-use custom code, increasing productivity.
    -- Marc Yaneza, Technology Director IT, General Healthcare Group
  • "Application Express operates where work matters - at the department level. Sure it can scale to the enterprise, but I need a tool that I can manage locally, without involving IT, to efficiently collect and report on information that matters to me."
    -- Rich Mutell, Director - Strategic Planning & Operations, Amgen
  • "APEX has allowed us to migrate several disparate Excel and MS Access applications to a consistent, secure, web based environment. The speed and concurrency offered by APEX have been exceptionally valuable."
    -- Eric Brandenburg, Senior Applications Architect, Brunswick Corporate IT
  • "With Oracle Application Express we have been able to streamline business processes by consolidating over 50 MS Access applications. For the first time ever, all users have direct control over their applications and the ability to create ad-hoc reports within minutes using the new common repository. It is estimated the new systems have already saved the department over $900k."
    -- Vojin Janjic, Manager Permit Section & David Brewer, DBA Information Systems, Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation