Oracle Application Express

Access Migration Tutorial

The Access Migration Tutorial, Microsoft Access "Northwind Traders" Migration to Oracle Application Express, is a guide to migrate the commonly used Microsoft Access sample application, Northwind Traders, to Oracle Application Express. This is a multi-step process that utilizes several products to migrate first the database to Oracle and then the application. It is important that these steps are carried out in the order in which they appear. This exercise is useful for any user that wishes to undertake migrating their applications from MS Access to Oracle Application Express.

The migration process begins with the use of the Exporter tool together with Oracle SQL Developer Migration Workbench, to export the Northwind Traders database and application metadata, and migrate the database objects to Oracle. After that initial step, you then use Application Migrations to generate a Migration Project based upon the application metadata retrieved by the Exporter tool from Northwind Traders, and the migrated Oracle database. Within the Migration Project, the retrieved objects can be reviewed and modified, where necessary, to make them valid for Oracle. As the final step, you have the option of generating either an application based on valid forms and reports or a maintenance application based on valid tables and views within the Migration Project.