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Configure an Application Express (formerly HTML DB) Application as an External Application in Oracle AS Single Sign-On

Date: 31-Oct-2003

After completing this How-To, you should be able to understand:

  • How to register an HTML DB Application as an External Application in Oracle 9iAS Single Sign-On


The Single Sign-On feature of Oracle 9iAS streamlines the management of user credentials by allowing mulitple applications to use a single login mechanism and a single repository for usernames and passwords. This document will outline the steps required to register an Oracle HTML DB application as an External Application in Oracle 9iAS SSO.

Software Requirements

Steps Required

  • In Oracle 9iAS, sign on as a user with Administrative privileges.
  • Click on the Administer tab.
  • Under SSO Server Administration, click on Administer External Applications.
  • Click on Add External Application.
  • Fill out the form, using the table below as a guideline. Once complete, click on OK.
Application Name:
Application Login URL:
User Name/ID Field Name:
Password Field Name:
Type of Authentication Used:
Field Name:
Field Value:
Display to User:

Once saved, you should be able to see the newly created External Application in the External Applications portlet. It will function just as all other external applications do - prompting the user for a username and password the first time they attempt to access it, and offering to store that username and password.

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