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Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) is Oracle's primary tool for developing Web applications with SQL and PL/SQL. Using only a web browser, you can develop and deploy professional Web-based applications for desktops and mobile devices.

It is a fully supported, no cost option of the Oracle Database, and is installed by default in all editions of the Oracle Database. Even those without SQL and PL/SQL knowledge, can still easily install the many built-in packaged applications, such as Survey Builder, Customer Tracker, and P-Track (for tracking projects).

Oracle Application Express is a database-centric development tool which can be used to build a vast array of applications. Within minutes, you can easily convert a spreadsheet to a multi-user, Web-based application. On the other end of the spectrum, you can build very large, complex, multi-lingual applications, such as the Oracle Store. Application Express runs within the Oracle Database which allows your applications to scale to meet your largest user communities. Developing hardened applications is simplified by the security features, such as session-state protection, authentication and authorization schemes, so you can concentrate on meeting business objectives.




Oracle Application Express has been heavily utilized by ORACLE TEAM USA since it was formed in the summer of 2001 as BMW ORACLE Racing. Read the latest case study ORACLE TEAM USA Sails to Victory on an Ocean of Data and Oracle Magazine article Faster (Sep/Oct 2013) on how ORACLE TEAM USA used Oracle Technology to deliver extreme speed to win the 34th America's Cup. As quoted in the article:


Application Express 5.0 Early Adopter 3 is now available

Go to to learn more about our upcoming release. This public early adopter is open to everyone, and we encourage our customers (new and old) to take it for a spin and review the new features being introduced. Click the big blue "Request a Workspace" button to get started.

Oracle Application Express 4.2 Press Release

Application Express 4.2.6 is now available

Click the Download tab to download the latest version of Oracle Application Express. Application Express 4.2.6 includes numerous bug fixes.

Application Express in Oracle Database 12c

Learn about the Application Express capabiliies associated with Oracle Database 12c Multitenant Architecture.

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  • ORACLE TEAM USA Taps Real-Time Mobile Data with Oracle: With more than 300 sensors on board, ORACLE TEAM USA relies on Oracle Database and Oracle Application Express to deliver mobile, real-time data, vital to the teams' performance, (Sep 2013)
    Go to the Oracle Magazine: Faster article and the Defending the Cup: Embracing a New Era page to learn more.
  • Database 12c Launch: Application Development with Oracle Database 12 c- Tom Kyte, Vice President for Oracle, talks about what is new in the Oracle APEX version 4.2 at the Oracle Database 12c Launch, (Jul 2013)
  • Applications Webcast: Ziggo Integrates Oracle APEX into Oracle E-Business Suite - Eelco Peters, IT development and design for Ziggo, shares the benefits Ziggo has seen since the integration of Oracle APEX with the Oracle E-Business Suite, (Oct 2012)
  • Applications Webcast: Oracle APEX Integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite at Ziggo - Philip Brand, Software Developer for Ziggo, discusses how the integration of Oracle APEX has brought clarity to applications and helped solve past development problems, (Oct 2012)
  • Database Podcast: Gary Clark, CIO of Liberty Cables, describes how the company leveraged APEX rapidly and easily to develop a Web-based application for handling interactions with Liberty's customers, (June 2010)

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Customer Quotes

"One important goal for us over this year is the need to support multiple platforms and devices including Macs, iPads and iPhones. Application Express 4.2 will allow us to develop an application once and deploy it to all these devices by incorporating ‘Responsive Design’ in the templates that automatically scale from the largest monitors to the iPad in landscape mode. Application Express achieves all this using industry standard responsive grids, mobile libraries and charting tools that work on all the platforms."
-- Sayee Natarajan, Director of Sales Systems, Purdue Pharma

"We at the Brunswick Boat Group are very excited about Application Express 4.2. Our quality control application (QCIS) was written in Application Express to replace a software package costing $60,000 a year. Since delivering our Application Express application we have received rave reviews for its functional richness including the use of image maps. The only complaint is that our users currently have to work off Toughbooks. Application Express 4.2 will enable us to deliver QCIS on iPads which will be far easier and more productive for our users, especially as they can utilize features such as touch and tap."
-- Tony Bowers, Senior Systems Analyst, Brunswick Boat Group

"At Cornerstone Brands we have seven unique Catalog/Internet retail businesses, representing $880 million in sales annually. To manage this business we used Oracle Application Express to quickly build a suite of highly intuitive, rich applications taking up to 10,000 orders a day. We’re especially excited with the enhancements to Dynamic Actions that come with Oracle Application Express 4.1. Oracle Application Express is a tool that is highly proliferated throughout our enterprise, and continues to be the tool of choice as we are presented with new business challenges."
-- Paul Davidson, Director CMS Applications Development, Cornerstone Brands Inc.

"At Northgate Revenues & Benefits, we have used APEX to replace our legacy Oracle Forms system comprising around 1500 Forms. Our user interface has 10,000 end users daily, across 172 clients, who this year sent out over 12 million Council Tax annual bills worth £15billion and will pay out benefits of over £13billion. Our clients now experience, on average, sub second response times across a working day. We are continuing to leverage our investment in Oracle Application Express by delivering citizen facing solutions as well as launching the conversion of our Social Housing application which will replace 3,500 Oracle Forms running at 100 clients worldwide, with a total of 15,000 end users managing circa 3,000,000 properties. Oracle Application Express has helped us to make the move away from Oracle Forms whilst delivering benefits to our clients and our business."
-- Alan Powell, Director of Products and Services, Northgate Public Services

"At PINNACLE Software Corporation, a division of PAETEC Incorporated, we utilize Oracle Application Express to develop our enterprise class Service Lifecycle management software that is used to help IT organizations manage their service support and service delivery business operations. We are eager to begin leveraging several of the new and enhanced features available within Oracle Application Express 4.0 designed to help facilitate larger team development. We are particularly excited about the ability to create dynamic actions and plug-ins to easily extend the functionality of the tool. Additionally, we hope to drive efficiencies within our development organization by leveraging the integrated project management, feedback and bug tracking features built inside the tool."
-- Dennis Vanill, Senior Manager Software Development, PAETEC

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Oracle Application Express in der Praxis  

Oracle Application Express in der Praxis {Greman} [2013]   by Ralf Beckmann  Mit APEX datenbankbasierte Webanwendungen entwickeln.

Oracle APEX Cookbook Second Edition  

Oracle APEX Cookbook - Second Edition [2013]   by Marcel van der Plas and Michel van Zoest  Create reliable, modern Web applications for desktop and mobile devices with Oracle Application Express.

Create Rapid Web Applications Using Oracle Application Express Second Edition  

Create Rapid Web Applications Using Oracle Application Express - Second Edition [2013]   by Riaz Ahmed  A hands-on resource for those passionate to rapidly develop data-centric Web applications for desktop and mobile devices.

Oracle APEX 4.2 Reporting  

Oracle APEX 4.2 Reporting [2013]   by Vishal Pathak  Learn how to build complex reporting solutions using Oracle APEX.

Oracle APEX Reporting Tips and Tricks Book  

Oracle APEX Reporting Tips and Tricks [2013]   by George Barra  From Classic to Interactive Reports, Web Services and PDF Printing, make the most out of the Oracle APEX reporting engine.

Expert Oracle Application Express Security Book  

Expert Oracle Application Express Security [2013]   by Scott Spendolini  Protecting APEX Applications from threats and intrusions.

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Hands-On Oracle Application Express Security {Kindle Only} [2013]   by RECX  Building secure APEX Applications.

Oracle Application Express for Mobile Web Applications Book  

Oracle Application Express for Mobile Web Applications [2013]   by Roel Hartman, Christian Rokitta and David Peake  Build mobile Web applications with native look-and-feel.

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