Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

New Features in Release 3.3

  • Search

    The search capabilities in SQL Developer Data Modeler have been greatly enhanced. Regular expressions can be used to search any information entered into designs and models. Simple and advanced search options are provided for Relational models and down to the physical properties. Search results can be filtered by object type and common properties can be set for objects. Reports can be generated from the search results. See the demonstrations for this feature.

  • Export and Import to Excel

    Data Architects can now fully leverage SQL Developer Data Modeler's Excel functionality.  Information in models can be exported to an Excel file, both XLS and XLSX are supported. Business owners can now make updates to columns, tables or entities in the Excel file and those changes can be imported back into the Data Modeler to update an existing model.

  • DDL Generation

    You now have more control and flexibility in generating your DDL. Detailed options to generate default values – schema, tablespace, logging, storage as global option, and options for each storage element.
    Table and column level check constraints can be excluded from generated DDL. Save current DDL generation settings including selected objects and check constraints, name substitution and other DDL related settings into configuration file. Preserve DDL generation settings when DDL File editor is started and restore them back when it’s closed.

  • Reports

    Integrated with the new Search functionality, reports can be generated from the search results. Templates can be defined to include column names, sort order and replacement for boolean values. Diagrams where entities and tables are used are included into the report. Reports can be generated for a set of subviews and objects. Report configurations can be saved and used later to generate a report for the same set of objects. The following report formats are supported – HTML, PDF, RTF, XLS and XLSX.

  • A complete list of 3.3 New Features can be found here.