Online Demonstrations


Feature Viewlets

Watch these short online demonstrations to learn more about a specific area in SQL Developer Data Modeler.

 Importing - Importing from the Data Dictionary
 Importing - Importing from Oracle Designer
 Working with Glossaries
 Creating Business Information
 Process Models (part 1) - Creating a Primitive Process
 Process Models (part 2) - Creating a Composite Process
 Process Models (part 3) - Creating a Transformation Process

Video Demonstrations

Watch and listen to these online video demonstrations for a more detailed focus about the product feature. These demonstrations range from 3 - 15 minutes in length.

 Data Modeler 3.0: New Features Overview
 Data Modeler 3.0: Working with Subversion - Supporting collaborative development
 Data Modeler 3.0: User Defined Design Rules and Transformation Scripts
 Data Modeler Overview (High-level product overview)
 Creating a Basic Relational Model (Including naming standards)
 Import from the Data Dictionary (Review Logical and Physical Models)
 Import DDL to Create a Relational Model (See the Merge Swap Dialog)


Webcasts run from 30 minutes to an hour.

 SQL Developer Data Modeler: An Overview (Download to view)
Recorded March 2010. This hour long webcast covers much of the product and provides a good overview of the functionality available.