Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.1.3 Patch: Bugs Fixed


October 12, 2012

This is not a complete list of bugs fixed. This list contains only a selection of higher priority bugs, customer bugs and issues raised by the community on the OTN Forum since the release of SQL Developer Data Modeler Patch 3.1.2.

14577410 Oracle column permissions lost when reloading saved model
14497364 Filtering of created by database aggregation material view snapshot indexes
14577562 Import index from Oracle database loses desc clause
14582620 Tablespace data file name is datafile<nn> and not file name after import
14521255 Change request disappears after editing entity that refers to it
14577624 Should not add quotes to NULL or ROWID in Column DEFAULT clause
14531920 Output PCTUSED parameter in DDL Generation for Index-organized Table
14102109 MS SQL Server DDL -on delete set null and set default are not generated, wrong clause appear in DDL 
14659915 Some synonyms missing on reload from an updated model
14643888 Cannot see entities, tables, etc. on designer import