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Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.3: Bugs Fixed

Date: March 2013

This list contains only a selection of higher priority bugs, customer bugs and issues raised by the community on the OTN Forum since the release of version 3.1.

16184912 Different Tablespace for Indexes not recognized in Compare Models dialog
16266760 Column Sort Order in Indexes on Views not generated in SQL Server 2000 DDL
16242226 Synchronize fails when original import connection no longer available
16389727 Import from Designer generates wrong 'generate for DDL' for table level constraint
16410077 View with with-clause gives parsing error in Query Builder
16396086 Declarative view definition malformed after importing from Designer
16395728 Object types losing domain definitions, cannot assign new type/domain
16451149 Foreign key constraint generates invalid SQL- no action for delete rule
15929718 Migration data dictionary from Oracle database missing grants on functions, packages
16401099 Compare/merge with database always reports difference on integer data type
16444301 Import from MS SQL- wrong size for nchar and nvarchar, max as size not correct
13033320 Dependency order of generated DDL - view generated before function is used
16078102 Definition of first for min analytical function is not parsed by query builder
Logical many to many relation with delete rule:"no action" creates "cascade" FK
DDL for before create table script has unwanted ";" added following / (execute)
Types to domains wizard wrongly sets precision and scale
Dependent views not generated in correct order for DDL
"Open" status for diagrams is not restored
Enable trigger statement missing semicolon
Discover foreign keys not applying FK naming template properly
Compare/merge from database fail on list of values with single quotes 'y' <-> y
3.3EA1: NPE when importing partitioning from data dictionary
Template for PK not used on object tables
Product lacks semantic analysis to support mviews on prebuilts - ora-32334
Commit of deleted physical model not working properly
Import of design - not possible to import subviews without importing objects
Materialized view body text - no horizontal scrolling
Wrong update of clause in trigger for non transferable FK constraint
Relationship's labels displayed incorrectly after open design
Commit of deleted physical model not working properly