Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.1.4 Patch: Bugs Fixed


November 2, 2012

This is not a complete list of bugs fixed. This list contains only a selection of higher priority bugs, customer bugs and issues raised by the community on the OTN Forum since the release of SQL Developer Data Modeler Patch 3.1.3.

14750312 Wrong order for foreign key columns in compare/merge DDL
14786284 Cannot bold self join relationships between entities
14790590 Materialized view on prebuilt table is not imported correctly
14765537 Name of the snapshot on prebuilt table doesn't match changes in table name
14754506 1-1 relationship cardinality is not synchronized when forward engineering to existing foreign key
14765470 Deferred status for materialized views missing during generation
14700860 Size in collection of varchar2(32767) missing after exiting product
14700589 Cannot synchronize tables when imported using drag & drop from SQLDeveloper
14679194 Complete flag is ignored when importing from Designer
14736603 Design Import - not able to import subviews without importing objects