Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

New Features in Release 3.1

  • Synchronization

    This feature provides a simple one click synchronization between model and data dictionary. A list of values and ranges can be extracted from column check constraints, and there is support for several connections and an option to exclude tracking of column order when tables are compared.

  • Versioning

    Version history is available at design and system level. Lock and unlock can be done at design, model and subview level. Further support for branching and merging, such as delayed resolution of merge conflict and tree conflicts detected in advance.

  • Diagramming

    Our diagrams now offer more options to display primary, unique and foreign key columns. Other options include displaying labels in Transformation diagrams and setting default colors and fonts for Legends.

  • Query Builder

    Enhanced features have been added to the Query Builder. You can convert between ANSI and Oracle joins, use a graphical interface to build complex queries, persist the layout of diagrams, and with large models, work with objects belonging to a specific subview.

  • Reporting

    Reporting templates can now be defined by selecting what report sections to include. Reports can be generated for a specific subview. Expanded support is provided for PDF, HTML and RTF formats. New reports are added for structured, collection and distinct types, change requests and measurements. The reporting repository includes support for multidimensional model, business information model and change requests and measurements.

  • National Language Support

    The product is now fully translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

  • A complete list of 3.1 New Features can be found here.