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Asistir Increases Development Productivity
with Oracle9i Developer Suite

"Oracle9 i Developer Suite supports our full development life cycle from design to deployment. Designer is the most comprehensive design tool we've seen with advanced database and application generation capabilities. Oracle Forms is a very productive RAD tool enabling us to develop scalable and reliable transactional Java Web applications very quickly without the need to code in Java."
- Hugo Alexander Barona Ocampo, Oracle Technology Director, Asistir

Key Benefits
Developer productivity reduces time to market
Complete set of tools reduces integration cost
Easy web deployment at low cost and low risk

Oracle Products & Services
• Oracle 9 i Developer Suite
• Oracle Discoverer

Corporate Profile

Bogota, Colombia

Asistir is a consulting firm based in Colombia. Asistir develops applications for several big companies including Colombia's biggest sugar exporter and Colombia's Johnson & Johnson. Asistir develops scalable and reliable Web applications quickly to meet the needs of their customers.

Consulting Services

Meeting Customers Requirements with One Set of Tools
Asistir required an integrated set of tools to design and develop business applications for their customers. Asistir needed a modeling tool to define user requirements, information structures and business processes. In addition, Asistir looked for a development tool to quickly develop Web applications and a business intelligence solution to offer easy information access.

High-Level Project Goals

Development productivity on all projects
Quick and reliable Web development
Integrated suite of development tools

Why Oracle?
To develop applications for their customers Asistir standardized on the Oracle Developer Suite, because the components of the suite cover the full development life cycle and address both application development and business intelligence in one integrated offering.

Application Design and Generation
Asistir uses Oracle Designer to graphically design applications addressing both data and business logic design. Designer generates a complete database structure as well as fully functional Forms and Reports applications. Asistir is using templates and object libraries to optimize and control the generated applications.

RAD and Seamless Web Deployment
The generated Forms applications are easily deployed on the Web using a Java based client and a scalable and reliable backend server that is part of Oracle9i Application Server. Oracle Forms Developer supplies Asistir's developers with an easy to use graphical 4GL environment to develop their transactional Web applications. Asistir also helped customers migrate existing character mode applications to the Web without modifications.

Asistir uses Oracle Reports to customize the generated reports and to deliver online business reports with complex calculations and advanced page layouts.

Business Intelligence and Java Development
Oracle Discoverer allows Asistir to deliver tools for end-users that have no database experience or SQL knowledge, to query and analyze business information.

More recently Asistir has used Oracle JDeveloper to develop new functionality for existing applications in Java. Asistir's developers are relying on wizards, visual editors and advanced code editors to ease the transition to Java.

Finally, Asistir is using Oracle Software Configuration Management (SCM) for version control. Oracle SCM facilitates team development for Asistir's projects by managing all the different versions of their applications.

The tight integration between the various components of the Oracle Developer Suite results in increased productivity for Asistir. The ability to design applications, generate Forms and Reports and immediately deploy them to the Web, dramatically reduces the time to market. The "single suite from a single vendor" approach ensures cost savings by eliminating integration overhead.