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Oracle9 i JDeveloper Dramatically Eases CRT Development Projects

"Oracle9 i JDeveloper's Business Components for Java framework has been a boon to our Oracle-based Web application development business. We are able to build 80% - 90% of our business logic declaratively, i.e., without writing a single line of code! "
-- Jim Stoll, Lead Engineer, CRT

Key Benefits
Fast and easy development process
Tight integration with the Oracle Database
Built-in implementation of J2EE best practices

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• Oracle9 i JDeveloper
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Corporate Profile

Computer Resource Team
Glen Allen, VA, USA

Computer Resource Team (CRT) is a business systems solutions provider and consulting firm that offers a specialization in Oracle database systems development and administration. By leveraging a team that is centered on a specific technology, CRT clients unleash the true powers of enterprise-wide business systems development and deployment, fast and within budget. CRT serves mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies as well as the public sector.

High Tech


CRT Accelerates Development Projects with Oracle9 i JDeveloper
In its software consulting business, CRT is continually in need of productive, reliable, and well-supported tools to assist the company in meeting the needs of its customers. A great majority of the work that CRT does uses Oracle as the database engine, and of that, a significant portion utilizes Java. As such, in choosing a Java development environment, CRT had the additional needs for extensive database interaction support and for tight integration with the Oracle database and its Java capabilities. Beyond the Java development environment itself, the use of reliable frameworks, widgets, JSP tag sets and other components are critical to delivering quality software on time and within budget.

High-Level Project Goals

Use development tools with superior Oracle Database integration
Build business logic declaratively
Use reliable frameworks for building user interfaces

Why Oracle?
Oracle9 i JDeveloper has proven to be a best of breed solution for CRT's Java and Oracle development efforts. CRT has used several industry-leading development environments, tools and frameworks over the years, but has found Oracle9 i JDeveloper to provide the best overall combination of features and strengths available today.

Superior Database Integration
For database-side Java, Oracle9 i JDeveloper's ability to deploy directly to the database is a strong advantage. Additionally, its built-in SQLJ translator has yielded productivity enhancements across the board.

Productive Built-in Framework for Multi-Tier Development
For multi-tier development, the Oracle9 i JDeveloper's Business Components for Java (BC4J) framework has provided a remarkable improvement in productivity, reusability and scalability over now-outdated JDBC code, allowing CRT's developers to concentrate on the complex areas of the application without having to waste time writing generic and mundane database access routines.
Oracle9 i JDeveloper's BC4J-based JSP tag libraries also provide productivity boosts for CRT's Web application development. JDeveloper's ability to provide much-needed functionality straight out of the box allows CRT to easily and quickly customize and extend applications via standard Java techniques.

Everything In One Integrated and Complete Environment
In the past, CRT had to purchase and maintain a whole stable of individual, disparate tools to be able to meet customers' expectation. For instance, CRT had to use different environments for UML modeling, source control, and code/memory profiling which increased maintenance and overall development costs. Now with Oracle9 i JDeveloper, CRT developers have everything they need in a single and integrated tool. This simplified and unified development configuration helps CRT improve its overall margins.

Future Plans
CRT is committed to continue to standardize on using Oracle9 i JDeveloper as the development hub for all its future products.