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Evenium Shortens Time-to-Market with Oracle9 i JDeveloper

"JDeveloper and Business Components for Java (BC4J) dramatically shortened our time-to-market. We were able to develop an application that is reliable, scalable and efficient using the BC4J framework that implements Sun's design patterns."
-- Remi Deh, CTO, Evenium

Key Benefits
High quality code with built-in implementation of J2EE best practices
Improved productivity and shorter time-to-market by reducing amount of hand written code
Focus on business logic with pre-defined common functions

Oracle Products & Services
• Oracle9 i JDeveloper

Corporate Profile


Evenium is a French Application Service Provider (ASP) offering a unique solution for managing professional events online. Customers can enhance the communication and organization of events such as exhibitions, business meetings, and seminars using an intuitive Web-based interface. The system allows customers to manage and plan invitations, registrations and meetings online as well as enabling multi-channel messaging to all pertinent parties. Using a highly versatile software platform, built according to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) principles, the services allow on-demand customization to closely match customers' needs.

High Tech


Oracle9 i JDeveloper for Built-In Best Practices
As soon as the company got established, Evenium had to develop its entire software platform in a very short time frame with limited resources. While a highly competitive environment meant that time-to-market was a crucial success factor for Evenium's solution, the company needed a development tool capable of easily and quickly delivering a scalable, extensive and performant application. To achieve this goal, Evenium selected Oracle9 i JDeveloper and its built-in J2EE framework, Business Components for Java (BC4J). Very quickly, Evenium saw BC4J as a fast and reliable J2EE framework that could shorten development time without compromising the delivery of a robust application.
Evenium developed its product using a JSP/Servlet architecture with Java-based business logic in the backend to enable a friendly user interface built on a highly-performant business logic layer defined with BC4J components.

High-Level Project Goals

Increased productivity and reduced time to market
Improved quality and code performance

Lowered development and maintenance costs

Why Oracle?
The Business Components for Java (BC4J) framework built-in right into Oracle9 i JDeveloper implements J2EE best practices which made Evenium developers much more efficient right away. This equates to more robust code with a shorter time-to-market.

Focus on Business Logic and Application Design, not Low-Level Coding
The comprehensive database access layer and object/relational mapping capabilities of BC4J allowed Evenium's developers to focus on application design, rather than spending time on coding and managing database access by hand.

Productivity without Compromise
The BC4J framework naturally applies best practices for database access, thus avoiding common design and programming mistakes. It provides default caching and connection pooling features, saving development time and costs for Evenium. At the same time, BC4J is open and extensible and Evenium cites BC4J's flexibility as one of the main reasons for choosing Oracle9 i JDeveloper. BC4J provides maximum flexibility allowing Evenium developers to override specific default features as needed.

Proven J2EE Design Patterns for High Quality Code
BC4J ensured the quality of the developed application by automatically implementing Sun's design patterns and best practices for J2EE applications. This resulted in a reliable and scalable product for Evenium based on the latest J2EE standards.