"JDeveloper proved to be a very productive Java IDE that supports the latest Java standards. We were able to integrate open source tools into JDeveloper and deploy our Java code on a standard J2EE server."
- Mark E Johnson, Web Development Manager, ACCO Brands

"Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports are easy-to-use tools that have allowed us to build state-of-the-art, Web-based products for government agencies to manage their motor vehicle operations."
- David Dahlberg, Director of Client Services, Motor Vehicle Services, Affiliated Computer Services
See David Dahlberg comments on-line Play

"Oracle9i JDeveloper offers a complete solution for Java, XML and SQL development needs in a single development environment. With one tool we cover the full development life cycle from code development to debugging and deployment, managing it all with integrated software configuration."
- Bernard Gagnon, Director of Information Technology, Caprion Pharmaceuticals more

"Oracle9 i Developer Suite covers the needs of both transactional application and business intelligence development with a single integrated suite. It enabled us to seamlessly upgrade to emerging technologies over the years. Oracle tools have built in capabilities that make them a perfect choice for heavy duty applications development."
- Larry Phillips, Director of Technology, CMiC
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"By following Oracle's lead from SQL to Java and from client-server to Web-enabled applications we have been able to save EUR 500,000 every year in software management, training and support."
- Luc Verbist, IT Director, De Persgroep

"Oracle Developer Suite made our transition to the Web and to Java extremely easy. We were able to leverage all the investments we made 5 years ago and seamlessly run our existing applications over the Web. Now our partners can simply use a Web browser to do business with us which dramatically improves the way we run our overall business."
- Stefano Fuccio, Project Manager, HP Italy

"Oracle offered a complete, integrated and secure solution for our Web services development project. We were able to use the latest J2EE and Web services standards for building an open system that enables easy integration."
- Adrian Rietberg, COO, Infomedics

"Oracle Forms is our environment to scale and support 4,000 concurrent users running our store merchandise management system. Oracle Forms Developer enables us to quickly develop and deploy our applications with a RAD environment and an out-of-the-box Web deployment architecture."
- Stephan Houben, Development Tool and Configuration Support Department Manager, MGI

"Oracle9i JDeveloper enables us to deliver high quality J2EE applications to our customers on time."
- Markus Luensmann, Project Manager, Opitz Consulting
See Rolf Scheuch, Opitz's CTO comments on-line Play more Play
"Oracle9i Developer Suite covers the complete life cycle of our application development from development to deployment. The combination of modeling tools and productivity frameworks results in shorter development life cycle and better application quality."
- Frank Coolen, IT Manager, Royal Philips Electronics, Intellectual Property & Standards

"Oracle9i JDeveloper provides us with productive frameworks that facilitate both database interaction in Java applications and creation of Web interfaces. Our overall development time was reduced by more than 20% by using Java and JDeveloper."
- Bradley D. Brown, Chairman and Chief Architect, TUSC
See Bradley Brown comments on-line Play

"What was really nice about Oracle's J2EE environment was the out-of-the-box experience. It was just a simple install, a simple setup, and we didn't have any problems. That really impressed us. Our Developers just love Oracle9i JDeveloper it gives them a single development environment for J2EE, XML, and SQL development."
- Jim Campbell, Senior Database Administrator, RS Information Systems, Office of Naval Research
See Jim Campbell comments on-line Play

"Oracle9i JDeveloper offers a unique combination of a productive Java development environment and full support for OLAP functionality. With Oracle's BI Beans we were able to develop in months a product that would otherwise have required years of effort to develop."
- Dan Vlamis, President and CTO, Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc.
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