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INFOPRO® Web Enables Banking Applications with Oracle9i JDeveloper

"The combination of a complete J2EE development environment with strong XML support and excellent database integration in Oracle9 i JDeveloper enabled us to create robust applications faster. The ability to test our code locally before deploying it to the applications server saved us a lot of development time."
-- Matthew Chuah, Chief Operating Officer, Infopro

Key Benefits
Rapid standards based J2EE development
Strong XML support
Complete development lifecycle support

Oracle Products & Services
• Oracle9 i JDeveloper

Corporate Profile

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

INFOPRO is a Global Banking Solution Provider that has presence in 17 countries worldwide. Its flagship product, ICBA, consists of both Conventional Banking and Islamic Banking and it is complemented with ATM, Telebanking and Internet Banking. It covers the front office and back office of the retail banking, wholesale banking and general ledger of a bank's operation. ICBA has been successfully implemented in 58 financial institutions worldwide. INFOPRO is also developing and marketing "E-Switch" - a Multiple Electronic Transaction Controller and Switch.

High Tech


INFOPRO Easily Transitions to Java with Oracle9 i JDeveloper JDeveloper
INFOPRO looked for a development tool that would help them to Web enable their existing ICBA Banking Systems and to build the Java based E-Switch product. INFOPRO's developers were new to Java and needed a tool that could make the transition to Java as smooth as possible. Being in a very competitive market, INFOPRO had to deliver high quality products under tight time constraints.

High-Level Project Goals
Efficiently transition existing financial applications to Java
Use J2EE compliant environment for productive prototyping, testing and deployment of applications

Why Oracle?
INFOPRO chose Oracle9 i JDeveloper as its Java development environment. The friendly user interface, comprehensive online help, productive code editor and seamless database integration provided a friendly and easy to learn tool.

INFOPRO applications are based on Servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP) and applets and they use XML to easily customize the user interface. The integrated XML Development Kit inside JDeveloper enabled INFOPRO's developers to easily combine XML with Java and SQL.

INFOPRO's developers used the ability to run, test, and debug their application locally, which dramatically simplified the development process for J2EE server components. Eliminating the need to deploy to an application server after each code change shortened development time and simplified the coding process.

Business Benefits
INFOPRO were able to smoothly migrate their developers and applications to Java by using the friendly interfaces of Oracle9 i JDeveloper. Excellent database integration combined with complete XML support and conformance to the latest J2EE standards enabled INFOPRO to deliver robust J2EE applications on time. As a result of the move to the Internet based architecture, INFOPRO's applications increased customer satisfaction and productivity. Also, the ability to use Oracle9 i JDeveloper for developing components made it possible to reuse components across the project.