Oracle Corporatopm

Intellinger develops Web-Services based products with Oracle9 i JDeveloper

"Oracle9 i JDeveloper gives us a productive and cutting-edge IDE with the complete combination of Java, XML, SQL and Web-Services development capabilities."
--Jeff Grant, Chief Technology Officer and Director, Intellinger

Key Benefits
• Reduced time to market with rapid development
• Portability and openness using the latest industry standards
• Distributed systems monitoring

Oracle Products & Services
• Oracle9 i JDeveloper
• Oracle9 i Database
• Oracle9 i Application Server

Corporate Profile
Intellinger Inc. Vancouver BC Canada.

Intellinger's business is the provision of outsourced IT system management utilizing their industry-leading, proprietary technology, called Brazil. Intellinger provides entire teams of network, systems, application and database professionals.



Intellinger needs a monitoring tool
Intellinger is a leading Canadian consulting firm specializing in on-site and remote trouble-shooting and development of Java projects. Intellinger customers include EMI-Virgin records, CBS, Human Resources Development Canada, and others. With expertise in emerging Java technologies as well as deep knowledge of the Oracle platform, Intellinger quickly gained an excellent reputation for complex project and system development and management capabilities.

During their various engagements as both developers and problem solvers Intellinger needed to have a monitoring tool to help them identify and solve various problems. Since they couldn't find a commercially available product to answer their needs, Intellinger's developers decided to develop such a product.

After evaluating various software solutions, Intellinger decided to go with an Oracle based solution for the development and deployment of the new product.

High-Level Project Goals

Create a competitive system performance monitoring tool
Develop using Java for portability
Leverage Web-Services technologies

Why Oracle?
Oracle met Intellinger's requirements for a fast and scalable J2EE container that supports Web-Services as well as having a development tool that enables easy Java and Web-Services development. "We were looking for an integrated solution that will enable us to develop our product as fast as possible." explains Jeff Grant, Intellinger's CTO. Intellinger used Oracle9 i JDeveloper for the development of their monitoring tool. "Oracle9 i JDeveloper is more than just a J2EE IDE it also includes additional support for Web-Services, and the BC4J framework that simplifies and significantly speeds our database integration tasks"

Distributed Monitoring
The result of Intellinger's development effort is "Brazil", a rapid, flexible, and cost-effective means of identifying and avoiding component and system performance bottlenecks. Brazil allows users to proactively monitor and test their enterprise systems environments for maintenance, tuning, and procurement purposes. Brazil's automated alarm feature notifies users via e-mail, pager, and SMS when pre-determined performance thresholds have been reached or exceeded, thereby dramatically reducing hardware and software performance bottlenecks and systems downtime.

"Brazil" is based on Java clients that collect data from various systems and send the information using Web-Services to a central Java based aggregation engine running on Oracle9 iAS. The information is stored in an Oracle9 i database. A friendly HTML user interface, generated with Java Server Pages (JSP), provides end users with the information they seek.

Future Plans
Intellinger will market "Brazil" as a complete solution for distributed applications monitoring. Intellinger believes that many organizations can benefit from the same tool that helped them become such a successful consulting company.