"Oracle Business Components for Java (BC4J) supplied us with a business layer that takes care of database aspects such as transaction handling and complex database relationships. BC4J hides the complexity of database interfaces from our java developers and enables them to focus on more important tasks. We liked the flexibility of the framework. It enabled us to integrate it with our development using XML. All in all we found that BC4J helped our developers to be more productive."
- James Taylor, Chief Architect and co-founder, Menerva

Company information

Founded in 1999 with headquarters in Redwood City (California, USA), Menerva is a company at the cutting edge of B2B technologies. Menerva was founded to develop an online solution that truly modeled the way complex, multi-term negotiations are conducted, giving buyers in corporate enterprises the power to support collaboration among trading partners--from sourcing potential suppliers, through confidential, secure online negotiations, to contract development and obligation management.

"Menerva MarketProcess" makes this process significantly more strategic, efficient, cost-effective and measurable. Menerva MarketProcess represents the first end-to-end online procurement solution to automate the complete contract lifecycle. Menerva streamlines purchasing, contract negotiation and contract management, bringing efficiency, visibility and effectiveness to each stage of the procurement process. It was developed to address the unique, collaborative needs of complex procurement, particularly for direct materials and services. The system is web based with a J2EE and XML-based back engine.

Business Benefits

Menerva is using Oracle Developer Suite and specifically Oracle JDeveloper to develop its Java based application. Using JDeveloper Menerva's developers are building a Servlet based application that relies on XML and XSL for the customizations of its interfaces. JDeveloper provides them with a productive IDE that helps Menerva reduce the amount of time spent on coding using advanced editing capabilities such as auto-completion.

To make their Java development even faster, Menerva is using the Oracle's Business Component for Java (BC4J) J2EE framework available as part of Oracle JDeveloper. BC4J is a framework designed to speed up the development and deployment of reusable Java business logic.
Thanks to the capabilities of BC4J for database and Java integration, Menerva's developers were able to focus on developing aspects of their application. BC4J's XML based meta-data enabled Menerva developers to integrate the BC4J framework into their exisiting project with ease and to customize the framework as needed.