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NPH Migrates from Microsoft to J2EE Standards with Oracle9 i JDeveloper

"Oracle9 i JDeveloper enabled us to quickly develop a reliable and secure Web site based on the J2EE application model. JDeveloper's friendly code editor and easy deployment features facilitated our transition to Java."
-- Mark A. Evilsizor, Information Systems Manager, Nazarene Publishing House

Key Benefits
• Reduced Java learning curve
• Fast time to market of J2EE projects
• Easy deployment to J2EE servers

Oracle Products & Services
• Oracle9 i JDeveloper

Corporate Profile

Kansas City, MO, USA

Nazarene Publishing House (NPH), founded in 1912, produces resources to equip churches and Christians around the world. These resources include WordAction curriculum, Lillenas music and drama, Beacon Hill Press books, Ministry Program resources, and Spanish materials from Casa Nazarena de Publicaciones. NPH is servicing more then 250,000 orders each year to more then 11,000 churches.



From Microsoft to Linux and J2EE with Oracle9 i JDeveloper
NPH wanted to have an online store to enable customers to browse and order items from their catalog using an Internet browser. After NPH encountered stability problems with a previous Web site developed using Microsoft technologies, NPH decided to create a new Web site based on Java and running on Linux machines. NPH looked for a tool that would facilitate their transition to Java.
NPH uses Oracle9 i JDeveloper to build its Web site which is based on 100 Java Server Pages (JSP) and 70 Javabeans.

High-Level Project Goal

Build a browser based online store for the NPH product catalog.
Migrate to a stable, secure and reliable operating environment.
Easily adopt Java and J2EE for vendor choice and openess

Why Oracle?
NPH chose Oracle9
i JDeveloper as their Java development environment after having evaluated other Java tools. Using Java and J2EE ensures that NPH would not be locked in into any specific hardware or software vendor.

Development and Deployment Made Easy
i JDeveloper provided a very productive development environment to NPH's developers who were relatively new to Java at the beginning of the project. NPH's developers used the wizards, color-coded editors, CodeCoach and code insight in JDeveloper to reduce their learning curve in Java programming.
Once a component was completed, NPH's developers could easily deploy their JSP/Servlets to Apache/Tomcat.

J2EE as the Foundation for the Future for NPH
NPH's J2EE-based Web site is much more reliable then the previous Microsoft based Web site. Using open source products and sticking to industry standards reduces both hardware and software costs. Oracle9 i JDeveloper made the transition to Java simpler and faster for NPH. The Oracle support services and training services helped NPH to achieve a very fast transition to Java. The new Web site improves the interaction that NPH has with its customers and broadens their market reach.