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Opitz Consulting Developed Java Solution for Construction and Payments Management

"Oracle9i JDeveloper enables us to deliver high quality J2EE applications to our customers on time."
-- Markus Luensmann, Project Manager, Opitz Consulting

Key Benefits
• Return on investment within three years
• Greater customer loyalty through improved client service
• On-time and high quality projects based on standards

Oracle Products & Services
• Oracle9 i Developer Suite (JDeveloper, Reports)
• Oracle9 i Application Server
• Oracle Database

Corporate Profile
Opitz Consulting GmbH Germany

Opitz Consulting is a leading provider of Oracle solutions and consulting in Germany. The company won the Oracle award for 'Best Technology' in 2000 and 'Customer Satisfaction' in 2001. Opitz was founded in 1990 and has more than 120 employees providing Oracle consulting services in the German market.

High Tech


100% Return on Investment Within Three Years
An Oracle-based online construction and payments management solution is set to revolutionize customer satisfaction and generate sustainable competitive advantage for VR-BAUREGIE, one of Germany's leading construction management companies. Known as 'VR Baureport', the system provides a web portal for the collection of progress reports on all the building projects it manages across the country. Architects and site managers enter data about the construction project online via a web portal. This is collated centrally by VR-BAUREGIE who verifies that work is progressing satisfactorily and on schedule before instructing the client or bank to release payment to the builder.

" 'VR Baureport' will replace the present system which is substantially flawed and works against the customer's interests", says Peter Rode, Project Manager at VR-BAUREGIE. "It relies upon the architect visiting the building site and simply confirming that work is progressing on schedule before payments are made. Using 'Baureport' answers to specific questions must be entered online via the Oracle Portal. Data is then collated and analyzed by the system and payment is not authorized until the 'green light' is given against each item. For our customers 'Baureport' is an insurance policy against sub-standard work and overpayments and ensures builders meet their contractual obligations."

High-Level Project Goals

Universal interface for data collection
Low investment with rapid ROI
Rapid implementation and reduced support costs
Automated data analysis and report generation
Simple interface with easy-to-use functionality

Why Oracle?
VR-BAUREGIE wanted to use best-in-class technology to build this complex application that will allow them to deliver service excellence to their customers and increase market share. "Oracle offers a complete solution for development and deployment of Java applications with the integration of Oracle9 i Application Server and Oracle9 i JDeveloper. With the Oracle Solution we were able to develop on windows machine and deploy to scalable, secure and cost effective Linux environment." Says Ekkehard Spilling Project Manager at Opitz

Why Opitz Consulting?
"Opitz Consulting were able to deliver a turnkey solution, from consultancy and design through to implementation, testing and user training, within just five months," says Peter Rode. "Their technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of Oracle products gave us the confidence to entrust them with this mission-critical application that is core to our future strategy."

Application Development and Business Intelligence in One Suite

Opitz consulting uses Oracle9 i JDeveloper as its standard Java development environment. "We used the Business Components for Java (BC4J) framework to simplify our J2EE development. BC4J took care of O/R mapping, database interaction, locking, persistence and caching, enabling us to focus on our business logic." Says Markus Luensmann Project Manager at Opitz. "We used Oracle's UIX framework to declare our Java Server Pages (JSP) and bind them to business logic. This made our development even faster."

As well as eliminating the risk of making overpayments to builders, 'Baureport' provides customers and their banks with a monthly report detailing the stage construction has reached and the level of payments made. 'Baureport' also gives VR-BAUREGIE an integrated view of the status of all the projects on its books in real time. "A complete application requires business intelligence capabilities. Oracle9 i Developer Suite offers the complete solution. We used Oracle9 i JDeveloper to develop the Java application and we used Oracle9 i Reports to add high fidelity PDF reports.
" Says Ekkehard Spilling.

Future Plans
Banks and customers have already welcomed the new system. Customers will be charged as part of the value-added service provided by VR-BAUREGIE. '' 'Baureport' will pay for itself in just three years," says Peter Rode. "It delivers a new dimension in customer service that will translate into improved client loyalty and competitive advantage for the company."