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SAINS Saves Money with Oracle9i JDeveloper and Business Components for Java

"JDeveloper with the Business Components for Java (BC4J) framework simplified the coding of our business logic and dramatically shortened our time to market. BC4J enables productive development, flexible customization and easy deployment of multi-tier J2EE applications."
- Grant Than, Head of Applications Development, SAINS

Key Benefits
• Quick time to market by leveraging a robust, scalable, and proven framework
• Seamless transition to J2EE technology while keeping the costs low

Oracle Products & Services
• Oracle9 i Application Server
• Oracle9 i JDeveloper
• Business Components for Java

Corporate Profile
Sarawak, Malaysia

SARAWAK INFORMATION SYSTEMS SDN. BHD(SAINS) is a company owned by the Sarawak State Government. SAINS is a leading systems integrator and solutions provider in Malaysia. SAINS services include IT consultancy services, software development, networking, systems engineering, project management, IT Training, data conversion services, multimedia content development, facility management, operation support services and providing skilled IT professionals.

High Tech


Efficient J2EE Application Development
SAINS has been developing Java-based e-government and e-commerce solutions for the public and commercial sectors in Sarawak, a major state in East Malaysia. The applications they develop consist of a combination of Intranet modules and Internet modules that can be accessed directly by customers. SAINS looked for a Java tool that would enable them to quickly develop these applications based on J2EE standards.

SAINS chose to use Oracle9i JDeveloper and Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS) for the development and deployment of Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) based applications, which provided a friendly HTML user interface to end-users.

To make the development of their applications fast and simple, SAINS relied on the Business Components for Java (BC4J) framework, which is a J2EE framework shipped with Oracle9i JDeveloper. BC4J enabled SAINS to quickly create business logic components that interact with their database and other data sources. Developers were able to easily create and bind JSP user interfaces to their business logic by leveraging the integrated wizards and JSP tag libraries.

SAINS chose Oracle9iAS as their deployment platform because it offers unparalleled scalability and performance for running their Servlets and JSP based applications.

High-Level Project Goals

Development of standard J2EE Intranet and Internet applications for government and commercial sectors.
Efficiently build J2EE applications that are fast and secure.
Leverage a J2EE framework with wizards and utilities to save costs and preserve existing investments.

Why Oracle?
SAINS found that with Oracle9i JDeveloper and BC4J, their transition to Java development was easy and seamless. The BC4J framework saved SAINS a lot of Java hand coding, making the development of Java business logic fast and simple. This allowed them to focus on their core business expertise without having to invest time in building all the application "plumbing".SAINS also found that the advanced JSP development capabilities of Oracle9i JDeveloper enable the creation of dynamic HTML user interfaces very quickly. SAINS was able to reduce time to market for its new application, which was very well appreciated by end users. J2EE development with Oracle9i JDeveloper and deployment with Oracle9iAS allowed SAINS and the Sarawak State Government to save costs and preserve existing investments.