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Oracle based solution powers Israel's largest private retail chain.

"We used other Java development tools and servers before, then we decided to standardize on Oracle's Java environment and we never looked back. Oracle9i JDeveloper reduced our development time while Oracle9i Application Server increased our reliability."

--Doron Gigi, co-CEO, Coral Computer Systems

Key Benefits
• Single database for all the information
• e-commerce Web site
• Reliable and scalable Java solution
• On time and on budget development

Oracle Products
• Oracle9i JDeveloper
• Oracle Forms
• Oracle9i Application Server
• Oracle Database
Corporate Profile
Sakal Group

Sakal group is the largest privately owned retail chain in Israel. The group is composed of seven sub companies with a yearly sales cycle of over 300 million dollars.


Centralized Oracle Solution Manages Retail Chain

Sakal Group is the largest privately owned retail chain in Israel with 7 business divisions. With a yearly sale cycle of more than 300 million dollars, Sakal Group runs duty-free shops in Israel's airports and seaports, as well as over 200 points of sale all over the country. Sakal decided to centralize its applications into a single system that will enable integrated management of all the group's activities. In addition to regular sales in shops Sakal wanted to expand its business and offer online e-commerce retail systems including an auction system.

"Sakal operates in a highly competitive market, we believe that a single integrated system can help us manage our operations more efficiently and reduce operation costs. With the integrated e-commerce solution we can offer a unique combination of online shopping integrated with regular stores, all working together to give better service to customers." Says Solly Sakal, founder and CEO of the Sakal Group.

Sakal Group chose Coral Computer systems to develop its new systems. Coral Computer Systems has been developing Oracle based systems since 1995, and is a leading supplier of out-sourcing development in Israel.

High-Level Project Goals

  • Replace and integrate current applications
  • Unbreakable operation of distributed environment
  • Scalable and Reliable e-commerce Web site
  • Short development cycle

Why Oracle?

"Since Sakal's shops in the airports are never closed, we needed to have a solution that is unbreakable. Oracle offered a complete technology stack with excellent reliability and scalability." Says Doron Gigi Co-CEO at Coral Computer Systems

Integrating Back And Front Office

Coral built a system that manages Sakal's back-office and automates cash registers in shops using Oracle Forms. "This is quite a complex system, that needs to integrate data from the company's database and interact with external data sources like, credit card validation systems, and with external devices connected to cash registers," says Gigi, "The system runs hundreds of cash registers all over Israel."

For the e-commerce website Coral used Java technologies such as Javaserver Pages (JSP) and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) developed with Oracle9i JDeveloper. "Oracle9i JDeveloper covered the complete J2EE development life cycle including modeling, developing, debugging and deploying in a single integrated environment," says Orit Leshem team leader at Coral "A complex J2EE application usually contains more than just Java code. Our applications contain Java, XML, SQL, PL/SQL packages, XSQL and XSL files. The major benefit of Oracle9i JDeveloper is that we use a single tool to develop all the application's components".

The web site offers a range of complex auction and bidding techniques. "We are using an Oracle9iAS cluster to achieve maximum availability and performance. Since the web site went live we had no unplanned downtime." Says Gigi. The new site is using the same database server as the shops, so Sakal has one complete picture of its inventory. This is a great improvement compared to the previous web site which was completely stand alone."

Future Plans

Following the success of the application's implementation, Coral is now building a Java based B2B system for Sakal that will improve interaction with suppliers. Improvements are also made to the Web site to enable advance orders of duty-free items for customers planning a trip.

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