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SAR builds Java based insurance applications

"We needed a complete and integrated solution for Java development, Oracle delivered it with the strong combination of Oracle9 i JDeveloper and Oracle9 i Application Server."
--Paulo Sardelich, CEO, SAR

Key Benefits
• New functionality and Web interface increase sale opportunities
• On-time project delivery
• Solution available on many platforms

Oracle Products & Services
• Oracle9 i Developer Suite
• Oracle9 i Application Server
• Oracle Database

Corporate Profile
S.A.R. SISTEMAS S/A São Paulo, Brazil

S.A.R. SISTEMAS S/A is a software house with expertise in the fields of insurance and financial application development. With 12 years of experience in insurance technology it is one of the leading providers of software to large insurance companies and pension funds organizations


Managing insurance companies
S.A.R Sistemas S/A is a Brazilian software house with expertise in the insurance and financial sectors. SAR develops and markets the NETPREV application. NETPREV is a complete solution for management of both the back-office and front-office of insurance and pension funds companies. NETPREV customers include some of the biggest insurance companies in Brazil catering for millions of customers.

Until recently NETPREV only took care of the back-end operation of companies. The back-end office system was built using Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports and currently it includes more than 300 Forms and 270 Reports. Oracle Designer is used to document and track the database structure that currently contains over 400 tables. SAR wanted to expend NETPREV to also take care of front-office operations. SAR decided that a Web HTML interface would be the ideal new interface for this part of the application. After evaluating various technologies for the development of the HTML interfaces SAR decided to use Java and J2EE. "Java guarantees that we will be able to run on any operating system be it Windows or Unix or Linux environment. Portability is a critical factor when you need to develop a systems that will be used by many companies with various platforms." Says Paulo Sardelich the CEO of SAR.

High-Level Project Goals

add front-office capabilities
use Java to generate Web interfaces
develop on time

Why Oracle?
Based on their past experience with Oracle's set of products, SAR chose to develop their Web interfaces with Oracle9 i JDeveloper and run them on Oracle9 i Application Server. "Oracle's offering is a complete and integrated software offer. We see tremendous importance in having an integrated solution from one vendor that addresses all the aspects of our system development." Says Rita Rossini a Web developer at SAR, "for example, Oracle9 i JDeveloper is integrated with Oracle9 iAS for one-click-deployment and with the Oracle9 i database for easy database browsing and interfacing."

Web Front-Office
SAR's developers were new to the Java world when they started their project, but Oracle9 i JDeveloper made their learning period shorter with helpful code editor and wizards. SAR based their development on Java Server Pages (JSP) and Servlets. SAR also took advantage of XML technologies in combination with the Oracle development tools. NETPREV new front office application is deployed on Oracle9 i Application Server and supports hundreds of users.

Future Plans
SAR is constantly deepening its knowledge of emerging technologies. Their next development phase will include development of EJBs and Web Service interfaces using Oracle9 i JDeveloper. Based on their successful experience SAR is planning to develop further capabilities of NETPREV based on Java.