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Oracle Provided DNR with the Tools To Build a Java-Based System Without
the Need To Learn Java

Oracle Internet Developer Suite enabled us to create a state-of-the-art application in a short time and on budget using the existing skills of our developers. We were able to develop a full Java-based application with minimal Java knowledge."
-Rizwan Ahmed, IT Director, OMF - Information Technology/Admin

Key Benefits
• Completed implementation of a web-based information system on time and on a very tight budget.
• Deployed a Java-based client without the need to learn Java.
• On-time, on-budget development of web-based information systems.
• Improved relationships relationship between DNR and its customers.
• Reduced training costs and overall development costs.

Oracle Products & Services
• Oracle Internet Application Server
• Internet Developer Suite
Corporate Profile
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is a government body whose mission is to preserve and enhance the nonrenewable natural resources of the state, consisting of land, water, oil, gas, and other minerals, through conservation, regulation, and management/exploitation, to ensure that the state of Louisiana realizes appropriate economic benefit from its asset base.

Public Services

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Company

The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) sought to re-engineer and redesign its information systems for all offices of the department. Specifically, DNR was implementing a new Strategic Online Natural Resources Information System, SONRIS/2000 (pronounced "Sunrise 2000").

DNR had an extremely tight budget and a short time requirement to modernize its information systems and increase the availability of its data Additionally, DNR faced the challenge of putting data on the Internet outside of its firewall so that customers, partners, and Internet users could access it through a standard web browser. The need for an open system pointed toward Java technologies, but DNR encountered a shortage in experienced Java developers in affordable salaries.


To achieve maximum productivity, DNR chose Oracle Internet Developer Suite, which hides Java complexity from developers. DNR used Oracle Designer to design its systems and was able to automatically generate database objects as well as the forms and reports that have become the base of the new application. Oracle Designer gives developers a visual representation of the complete data-model along with accurate documentation for the Sonris/2000 application. The application now consists of more then 600 forms and 100 reports. Oracle Forms enabled DNR to deploy a Java-based client on Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS) without the need to learn Java. Oracle Reports unleashed the information stored in DNR's database, and reports are now run over the web using Oracle9iAS, enabling access to to anyone with a web browser. SONRIS/2000 also integrates GIS information and a document management system.


Development and implementation were completed on time and on budget. Now, with important information available for public access, the new SONRIS/2000 application has greatly improved the relationship between DNR and its customers. The use of RAD tools enabled the development of a Java web-based application with the existing skills of DNR's programmers. Developers didn't have to learn Java, which automatically reduced training costs and overall development costs for the new application.

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