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End to End Solution with Oracle9 i Developer Suite

"Oracle9 i Developer Suite gave us an end-to-end solution for the design and development of our entire application. It offers a very productive environment for big application development. Thanks to Oracle9 i Developer Suite's unique capabilities we were able to offer our application to our customers in a web based architecture."
- Timothy M. Frazier, Vice President, Sunflower Systems, Annams Systems Corporation

Key Benefits
Database generated from Models
Rapid Application Development
Generate client/server and Web solutions without the need to re-write code.

Oracle Products & Services
• Oracle9i Developer Suite (Designer, Forms, Reports)

Corporate Profile

Sunflower Systems
San Ramon, California

Sunflower Systems is part of California-based Annams Systems, developing a commercial off-the-shelf asset management system. Sunflower Assets provides a set of modules designed to assist the management of assets throughout each phase of their life, from acquisition through retirement. Each module interacts, in real-time, with a central Oracle Database; this ensures that the data captured by one module is available to any other module as needed. The Oracle Database also allows users to track a single item for multiple purposes without duplicating effort. For example, a capital asset might be tracked in both the capital category and against a "Borrow" agreement. Sunflower Assets is used by a wide variety of companies of all sizes and shapes

High Tech


Productive Tools Speed Sunflower Application Development
Sunflower needed a productive tool set that would enable it to design and develop its complete solution. Sunflower Assets is comprised of 8 modules that constitute a very big application with around 330 forms and more then 50 reports. Sunflower looked for a repository solution that would enable it to manage the application information. Due to the scope of the application Sunflower wanted a tool that would speed up their application development.

High-Level Project Goals

A model-driven, productive development environment
Repository driven solution for enterprise application management

Why Oracle?
Because Oracle9 i's Developer Suite provides an integrated development environment covering all styles (i.e., coding-, component-, declarative-, and model-based development), developers can model their business solutions then generate out and tailor their application

Using Oracle9 i Developer Suite, and specifically Oracle Designer, Sunflower was able to do upper and lower level analysis and modeling of its application. Sunflower used the unique capabilities of Oracle Designer to generate their database definitions directly from their modeling environment. Sunflower built a proprietary application layer that uses the information stored in Oracle Designer's database based repository to help them develop their application.

Sunflower used Oracle Forms Developer to build their application modules, and used Oracle Reports Developer for their business intelligence needs. Using Oracle Developer Suite enables Sunflower to offer its application to customers not only as a client server solution but also as a web-based application.

Business Benefits
Using a single repository helps Sunflower keep track of their application development life cycle. Using Oracle tools proved to be very productive, enabling Sunflower to develop and maintain its application in a short time frame.
Offering Sunflower Assets as a web application is lowering implementation costs of installation and maintenance. The migration of the application to a web based solution was very easy and saved Sunflower the need to re-write their application.
Offering Sunflower Assets as a web-enabled application helps Sunflower Systems to lead in their market.