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Global Tenders

Oracle9 i JDeveloper Simplifies e-Commerce Development

"With Oracle9 i JDeveloper we didn't have to buy different tools for Java, XML and SQL development, Its all in a single integrated development environment. Even new Java developers become productive faster with Oracle9 i JDeveloper."
-- Yoav Sivan, Co-CEO, Coral Computer Systems

Key Benefits
• Faster development with an integrated environment
• Reliable and scalable J2EE deployment
• Integrated solution
• On time and on budget development

Oracle Products & Services
• Oracle9 i Developer Suite (JDeveloper, Reports)
• Oracle9 i Application Server
• Oracle Forms
• Oracle Database

Corporate Profile
Global Tenders

Global tenders is a global company that specializes in tender based sells, based in Israel with activities in various countries including Venezuela and Spain. Global Tenders offers both online and phone based bids, resulting in lower prices for customers.



Global Tenders extends its reach
"Global Tenders" - a global company that specializes in tender based sells, is headquarted in Israel with activities in various countries including Venezuela and Spain. For several years the company had been selling products by enabling customers to bid for products offered in a catalog distributed to customer residents.

Looking to expand its business, Global Tenders sought to leverage its experience by offering an online e-commerce site to enable users to bid on products online. "Moving to the Web enables us to target more customers and offer them more ways to buy products more economically," says Sony Ben David , Sales and Marketing Director at Global Tenders.

High-Level Project Goals

Build a secure e-commerce site.
Offer a range of online biding techniques.
RIntegrate with back office systems.

Why Oracle?
Global Tenders has been using an application based on a combination of SQL-Server, Access, Visual Basic, and Magic. On 1998 the company decided to move to an all-Oracle solution for better scalability and performance. The new client server system was built with Oracle Forms and uses Oracle Database. The system integrates Global tenders's Call-Center, logistics system, and financial system. When Global Tenders decided to build a new Web site, Oracle was the intuitive answer. "We wanted complete integration of the back office with the front office, Oracle had the technology solution for the complete system." says Ben David.

Why Coral Computer Systems?
Coral Computer system was involved in building the Oracle-based back-office system. "Coral proved to be a reliable company that keeps up with the newest technologies. Based on our experience with Coral, we knew they'd get the new Web site done on time and on budget," says Ben David.

Java Based e-Commerce Solution

Coral built a Web site based on Java technologies using JavaServer Pages to create dynamic user interfaces with EJB-based back-end processing. Oracle9 i JDeveloper was used as the development tool and Oracle9 iAS Containers for J2EE functions as the Java engine. In previous projects Coral used other development tools and J2EE containers, but decided to move to a complete Oracle-based solution for this project. "The new Java offering from Oracle is very impressive. Oracle9 iAS Containers for J2EE is simple to install and manage yet robust and reliable, and Oracle9 i JDeveloper is one of the best Java development environments we've seen," says Yoav Sivan, CO-CIO of Coral Computer Systems.

Advanced Java Development

Coral's developers are using various capabilities of Oracle9 i JDeveloper in its Java development. "We start by modeling our application with the UML modelers that generate code for us. We add business logic to the application in the friendly code editor that helps developers by highlighting the syntax and notifying of errors. We then debug our J2EE components locally with the embedded J2EE container. The debugger, with its advanced features such as on-demand garbage collection and conditional breaks, combined with the code profilers help us track inefficient code and memory leaks," says Orit Leshem, team leader in Coral. "I used other Java tools before and I think Oracle9 i JDeveloper is the best tool in the market with the most comprehensive offering."

Reliable Java Infrastructure

The New web site offers customers many purchasing options including various types of online auctions. The Web site also integrates with the back-office systems to offer a complete solution.

The new Web sites is running on Windows-2000 machines and serves around 1000 concurrent users. "Oracle9 iAS is extremely stable; since the site went live we haven't had any down time. The Oracle software gives us 24/7 availability with great performance, even under heavy user loads," says Sivan "Getting a single vendor solution that includes development tools and deployment infrastructure simplifies integration and development."

Future Plans
Global Tenders continues to innovate with new technologies aimed at better customer satisfaction. New bidding techniques such as "team buy" and "reverse bidding" are planned, as well as a "virtual customer club" that will offer more benefits to online customers.