Oracle Corporation

With Oracle9 i Developer Suite, Tomax Reduces Costs
And Opens Up New Business Opportunities

"Oracle Forms gives us a highly scalable and efficient solution for our web based transactional
applications. We were able to migrate a six-year-old client server application to the Web with
minimal effort, preserving existing investments and reducing maintenance costs."
-- Dave Lloyd, Development Team Leader, Tomax

Key Benefits
• Easily moved from a server-based to a Web-based application
• Reduced costs of ownership and opened up new business opportunities
• Leverages capabilities for scaling to support large user community

Oracle Products & Services
• Oracle9 i Application Server
• Oracle9 i Developer Suite

Corporate Profile
Tomax Corporation
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Tomax coration is a leading provider of web-based solutions for retail operations and multi-channel management. The Tomax® solution enables retailers to create a retail-in-realtime infrastructure across the enterprise, supporting associates in stores and customers at the point of sale, kiosk, and online. Four primary components are available: Customer Management, Transaction Management, Portal/Workflow, and Workforce Management. components can be rapidly deployed for hosting by Tomax or by the retailer. More than 100 branded retail chains, representing thousands of stores, rely on Tomax solutions, including Franklin Covey, Ultimate Electronics, Gateway, Kroger, Snyders Drug Stores, TJ Maxx/Marshalls,WH Smith, and 24 Fitness.

High Tech


Accessing Retail Chains Applications on The Web
Tomax needed to develop large applications with sophisticated and friendly user interfaces applications that could be accessed through standard Web browsers and could handle the various tasks of managing retail chains. The company sought a scalable Internet solution that would seamlessly support hundreds and thousands of concurrent users. From a development perspective, Tomax needed an environment that allowed customization and changes in very short time frames.

High-Level Project Goal

A RAD/4GL environment to quickly develop highly interactive applications with a rich Java user interface that increases end user productivity
Move to the web without having to rewrite applications
Produce a very scalable application, supporting hundreds and thousands of users working simultaneously

Why Oracle?
Oracle9 i Developer Suite enabled Tomax to move its business to the Web very quickly without having to rewrite applications, and the built-in scalability of Oracle9 i Forms enables the company's application to scale and support large user communities. Deploying the application on the Web has eased maintenance and reduced costs of ownership. With the Web version of its applications, Tomax has discovered new market opportunities by opening up its business as an ASP.

RAD Productivity Reduces Time to Market
Oracle Forms Developer supplies Tomax with a RAD/4GL environment to quickly develop highly interactive applications. These applications, which are deployed on the web using Oracle9 i Application Server, offer a rich Java user interface that increases end user productivity.
Tomax's application was originally written in a client/server environment but the use of Oracle Forms Developer enabled Tomax to move the application to the Web with minimal effort and without having to rewrite the business logic. Because of the highly optimized Oracle9 iAS Forms Services component of Oracle9 i Application Server, the performance of the application over the web is as good as it is on the client server. The application is also very scalable, supporting hundreds and thousands of users working simultaneously.
In addition, Tomax uses Oracle Designer to model its applications. The central repository of Oracle Designer holds the definition of all the modules in Tomax's application.

Integrated Business Intelligence
To meet its business intelligence needs, Tomax uses Oracle9 iAS Reports Services to create sophisticated reports that display the information end-users need on a daily basis. Oracle9 iAS Reports Services also enables Web access to online reports.