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Oracle9 i JDeveloper Helps T-SWAT Deliver J2EE Projects Faster

" The Business Components for Java (BC4J) framework enables us to complete in minutes tasks that used to take hours of coding. The database integration in Oracle9 i JDeveloper's is the best I've ever evaluated."
-- Jeff Grant, Founder and Senior Technical Architect, T-SWAT

Key Benefits
• Fast database backed J2EE development
• Lowered risk by easy integration with existing environments
• High quality code from automated database integration

Oracle Products & Services
• Oracle9 i Application Server
• Oracle9 i JDeveloper

Corporate Profile

T-SWAT Consulting LTD
Vancouver, BC, Canada

T-SWAT Consulting LTD. is a Canadian consulting company specializing in on-site and remote trouble shooting and development of Java projects. T-SWAT employs technical specialists who operate as a technical SWAT team for companies in need. T-SWAT's customers include EMI-Virgin records, CBS, Human Resources Development Canada, and others.

High Tech


J2EE for Rapid Project Delivery
T-SWAT is a systems integrator specializing in n-tier design, development, security and managed services. To deliver solutions rapidly to clients T-SWAT was searching for a highly productive, easy to use Java development environment that would help them speed the delivery of client projects.

High-Level Project Goals

Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that would enable T-SWAT to deliver quick implementations to a broad customer base
Tight database integration to facilitate database-backed Web sites
Extensive support for J2EE standards like JavaServer Pages, Applets and Enterprise JavaBeans
• Portable, extensible development environment that runs on multiple operating systems

Why Oracle?
Oracle9 i JDeveloper gives T-SWAT's developers an open, standards-based cross-platform Java development environment. The compliance to the latest J2EE standards enables deployment of the resulting application to any J2EE compliant server.

Database Integration
T-SWAT develops integrated applications for its customers including Web sites and management console applications. T-SWAT found that Oracle9 i JDeveloper's tight integration with the database is a productivity booster for J2EE application development. Capabilities such as support for SQLJ and the JPublisher simplified the coding of database integration in Java applications.
T-SWAT uses Oracle9 i JDeveloper's Business Components for Java (BC4J) framework to speed up the development of transactional Java applications. BC4J's object/relational mapping capabilities save a lot of tedious coding for T-SWAT's developers through the use of J2EE design patterns. "With BC4J, tasks that used to take hours of coding can now be accomplished in minutes with no need to handle low-level plumbing", said Jeff Grant, Founder and Senior Technical Architect, T-SWAT.

Extensible and Portable Development Environment
T-SWAT's developers use the Java based Oracle9 i JDeveloper on various development platforms. The open Extension SDK allows T-SWAT to integrate Oracle9 i JDeveloper with other tools such as ANT and CVS. Most of T-SWAT's applications are deployed to Oracle9 i Application Server, but the compliance to the latest J2EE standards enabled T-SWAT to deploy to other J2EE servers as well.