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VentureForth Delivers J2EE Applications Faster with Oracle9 i JDeveloper

"The combination of JDeveloper and the Business Components for Java (BC4J) framework is very powerful. It made the task of creating a JSP application that seamlessly integrates database information quite trivial. BC4J brings Java development to the RAD level."
-- Aaron Haimovitz, Technical Lead, Ventureforth

Key Benefits
• High productivity J2EE development tool
• Fast Java mapping to backend database infrastructure
• Integrated capabilities for XML integration and mobile development

Oracle Products & Services
• Oracle9 i JDeveloper

Corporate Profile
VentureForth Alanta, GA, USA

Ventureforth provides products and services for Oracle-based applications and implementations. Ventureforth develops and markets "accuVista", a leading enterprise web based solution for delivering Key Performance Indicators (KPI), process tracking information and data evaluation tools to users.
The "accuVista" product gives powerful, user-friendly reports to key personnel in all business areas: maintenance, stores and purchasing. "accuVista" customers include Sunoco, Double Eagle Steel and others each with tens to hundreds of users.

High Tech


J2EE and RAD Capabilities Combined
In early 2000, Ventureforth decided to build a new product called "accuVista". After analyzing market technology trends and needs, Ventureforth decided to base the "accuVista" product on J2EE technology. Choosing JSP enables universal access to "accuVista's" KPIs over the web avoiding the need for a desktop installation. Ventureforth looked for a Java development tool that will be productive and powerful enough to handle their application development needs. Ventureforth needed a tool that will enable them to quickly develop server-based application with HTML based user interface.

High-Level Project Goals

Eliminate desktop application deployment through browser based applications
Extensive development requirements required advanced Java development tool

Why Oracle?
After examining other Java development tools, Ventureforth decided to standardize on Oracle9
i JDeveloper as their Java development tool. Ventureforth particularly liked the Business Components for Java framework (BC4J), and the ability of Oracle9 i JDeveloper to develop server side applications that conform to the J2EE standard.

Write Business Applications not Infrastructure
Using the BC4J framework and its wizard-based approach helped Ventureforth's developers to get their database integration working without coding low-level JDBC calls. BC4J automatically supplies advanced capabilities like connection pooling and table relationships synchronization to developers without manual coding. For the UI developer, BC4J exposes an easy to use session facade interface. This interface simplifies the binding between Web interface and business logic.

Ventureforth developers use JSP to create the user interface of their applications. They found that binding BC4J's server side logic with their JSP was very easy using built-in JSP data tags and web-beans. For deployment, Ventureforth uses JRun to deploy their BC4J components and JSP/Servlet.

i JDeveloper proved to be a very powerful Java IDE. The BC4J framework saved Ventureforth's developers the need to write the infrastructure for database interaction. The conformance to the Java standards enabled the application to be deployed on a standard J2EE server.

Future Plans
Based on their experience, Ventureforth decided that their next step is to migrate an existing product, "Integrator 2000 (i2k)", a leading value Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tool, to Oracle9 i JDeveloper and the BC4J framework too. Ventureforth plans to take advantage of BC4J and XML capabilities in JDeveloper to bring "Integrator" to cutting edge technology, and to enable wireless access to their application.