XYBASE Delivers Mission-Critical Systems to Airports with Oracle

"JDeveloper made J2EE development much easier with its EJB and JSP wizards, it really saved us a lot of tedious coding. We were able to develop a J2EE application that conformed to industry standards. We were able to deploy it on any J2EE compliant server."
--Roslan Amir, Chief Technology Officer, XYBASE

Key Benefits
• Performant and scalable environment
• Faster and simpler development
• System wide stability
• Ease of deployment

Oracle Products & Services
• Oracle9 i Applicaton Server
• Oracle9 i JDeveloper

Corporate Profile


XYBASE is a global systems integrator who concentrates in airport information systems, remote sensing, meteorology, and environmental information systems. Having developed multiple mission-critical systems at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, XYBASE has deep expertise in airport information technology solutions. Its past projects range from airport operations and network centers to point-of-sales systems.

High Tech


XYBASE links airports to communities using Oracle9 iAS and Oracle9 i JDeveloper
XYBASE has deployed the airportXchange on Oracle9 i Application Server (Oracle9 iAS), including a real time message broker built with Oracle9 i JDeveloper. In January 2001, XYBASE launched www.airportXchange.com, a portal Web site that serves as an alliance between airports and their metropolitan communities. In addition airportXchange.com is a comprehensive e-business market place for the airport community. The new portal aims to provide complete airport management facilities for multiple international airports in the next two to three years. Several international airports have already joined the airportXchange portal, including Dubai International Airport and the Indonesian Airport Authority, which operates 13 airports.

High-Level Project Goals

Achieve fast and efficient development and deployment
Ensure a highly scalable environment
Deliver a stable system

Why Oracle?
Much of the Web site's dynamic content is generated using JavaServer Pages (JSP), which execute in the Java runtime environment of Oracle9 iAS. XYBASE sees ease of deployment, site performance, and stability as the principal benefits of deploying airportXchange on Oracle9 iAS. Because XYBASE manages aiportXchange remotely, the user-friendly management framework of Oracle9 iAS enables XYBASE to manage the site cost-effectively.

XYBASE also needed to develop a standard J2EE-based real time message broker for exchanging messages among different systems. Oracle9i JDeveloper proved ideal for developing a message broker engine based on EJB components with a JSP front end. According to Rosian Amir, Chief Technology Officer of XYBASE, "JDeveloper made J2EE development much easier with its EJB and JSP wizards, it really saved us a lot of tedious coding."

Future Plans
XYBASE's airportXchange proved to be stable and high performing through its testing period and first months of deployment. As more airports participate in airportXchange, XYBASE is confident that Oracle9 i Application Server will deliver the scalability required to serve a growing user base of airport goods and services providers.