Oracle Forms 10g R2 Technical Information
Make sure you check for whitepapers and information from earlier versions since many of them are still relevent to this release. You can find the links at the bottom of this page.
 Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Designer Statement of Direction 07-Sep-2004
  Our statement of direction which outlines our strategy with Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and Oracle Designer.
bullet Oracle Forms 10g Technical Overview
  High level overview of the new features we are introducing in the latest version of Oracle Forms.
bullet Forms Upgrade Reference 4-Aug-2004
  Discusses the changes between the web only and older versions of the Forms product. Developers who are upgrading to Oracle Forms 10g should read this document before upgrading. (note this document is written specifically for Oracle9i Forms but is relevant to Oracle Forms 10g)
bullet Thinking about migration of Forms to Java or Apex?
Are you asking the question about migrating a Forms application? This paper written by Oracle Application Development Tools Product Management, describes Oracle's position on migration and outlines the challenges and the questions you need to ask if you are considering migrating Forms. This article first appeared in the ODTUG technical journal.
bullet Oracle Forms 10g Technical FAQ
  Covers the most frequently asked questions about running you Forms application on Oracle Application Server 10g.
Oracle Forms and SOA
bullet Community Whitepaper by Jacob Madsen
  Jacob Madsen from Brandsoft in Denmark has written a whitepaper about some very interesting integration with Java he did. Its available at the end of the link in the header.
bullet Oracle Forms and SOA: An Executive Summary 23-Mar-2007
  An Executive Summary of Forms in an SOA world.
bullet Forms and SOA: The Hows and Whys
  The buzz around SOA is undeniable. But what is the impact and way forward for you as a Forms user? New!
bullet Integrating Forms with SOA
  This new whitepaper describes techniques for integrating Forms with a Service Oriented Architecture, SOA.
bullet Forms and BPEL Demo 8-Mar-2006
  This demo shows how Forms can participate in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment. It uses one of the standard samples that are supplied when you install Oracle BPEL Process Manager, which you can download from OTN. In this demo Forms will invoke a web service, and also communicate with Oracle BPEL Process Manager using the Java API.
bullet Calling a Web Service from Forms 10.1.2 4-Apr-2007
  This how-to shows how you can call an external Web service from Oracle Forms 10.1.2
Client Platform
bullet How to use Sun's plug-in with Forms 21-Aug-2008
  This whitepaper describes how to use Sun's plug-in 1.4 or later with Forms version 10.1.2.
bullet Client Platform Statement of Direction 14-Feb-2007
  Describes Oracle Corporation's statement of direction to support Oracle Forms 10g applications on multiple Java client platforms
bullet Summit Demo Application 26-Sep-2008
  This demo application has been used by Oracle, partners and customers for many purposes. This version has been updated for Forms 10.1.2.
bullet Advanced Configuration of Oracle Forms 3-Feb-2006
  This updated white paper explains some of the advanced techniques of configuring the Forms Server.
bullet JDAPI Documentation 21-Feb-2006
  Zip file containing the Java documentation for the Java Development API which allows you programatically edit FMB files.
bullet Best practices when Developing Applications with Forms 10gR2 28-Feb-2006
  This white paper describes some of the best practices used when developing applications with Forms 10gR2
bullet Oracle Forms and J2EE: A Business Case for Application Development
  Are you questioning how Oracle Forms and J2EE fit together? Are you considering how you should be developing your applications? This paper uses a business to answer all your questions.
bullet Oracle Forms and J2EE- Migrating?
  Are you being asked about migrating Forms applications to J2EE? Read this paper.
bullet A new Look and Feel for Oracle Forms ZIP 5-Apr-2007
  This community white paper shows how you can define the look of your Forms application from a CSS file.
bullet Secure Web.Show_Document calls to Oracle Reports 22-Dec-2008
  Using Web.Show_Document() requires customers to expose the userid parameter in the Reports request URL. Exposing this information may violate your security policies This Whitepaper explains, for Forms and Reports 9i/10g, how to use a Java Bean in Forms to secure Reports called by Web.Show_Document(). The source code can be downloaded from this zip file. A JAR file with everything compiled against and against is available in this zip file.
bullet Setting up SSO with SSL 27-Mar-2009
  This whitepaper, written by Oracle Customer Support, explains how to set up SSO when using SSL.
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