Oracle9 i Forms - Developing PJCs a Quickstart

Here is the quickest way to start using Pluggable Java Components (PJC) in Oracle9i Forms. No Java knowledge is needed to complete this simple tutorial. You'll need an installation of Oracle9i Developer Suite with Oracle9i Forms and Oracle9 i JDeveloper.
The PJC we are going to create extends the functionality of a regular Form's text_item and enables it to react to single keystrokes in the field.

Important note: The Java language is case sensitive so watch out for upper/lower case.

Creating a new PJC in Oracle9i JDeveloper
A Pluggable Java Component (PJC)is used to replace a default Forms component (like a button or a text_item) with a new component with new capabilities.

1. Start Oracle9i JDeveloper from your programs->oracle9i Developer Suite->JDeveloper->JDeveloper icon.
2. Right click on the Workspaces node and choose "New Workspace". Show me.
3. Name the directory and file "pjc" and click "OK". Show me
4. Name your project and directory "pjc" in the new project dialog and click "OK". Show me.
5. Right Click on the pjc.jpr node and choose "New". Show me.
6. From the New Gallery choose beans and "Oracle Forms Pluggable Java Component". Show me.
7. In the dialog box that appears change the package name to "pjcs" and choose "oracle.forms.ui.VTextField" in the Extends list box. Show me.
8. A new empty PJC that behaves like a regular Form Text Item has been created for you. You are now ready to change it's default behavior.
Note: the package name and PJC name are going to be used later in your form as the implementation class so make a note of them.

Customizing the PJC
By default a PJC behave exactly like the "regular" Forms object. In this section we are adding new functionality to the default behavior of our PJC.

1.Right click on the file and choose the UI Editor. Show me.
2. Use the property inspector to change the default settings of the PJC like the background color. Show me.
3. Switch to the events tab in the property inspector. This is where you can define event for the PJC. Show me.
4. Double click the first "key pressed" event in the events tab. Show me
5. Accept the defaults for the event template. Show me.
6. You are now in the code editor again. Your cursor is positioned in the event you just defined and you are ready to add Java code. Luckily Oracle9i JDeveloper can help you write Java code, even if you haven't done this before.
7. Start typing the following "if (this." if you wait a second a window will pop up and help you find methods that you can call. Show me.
8. Continue typing "gett" and select the getText method from the list. Show me.
9. Continue typing the complete event code using Oracle9i JDeveloper to help you write your code. Show me.
10. Compile your project by pressing ALT+F9 and make sure you don't have any errors. (If you encounter errors make sure that your code includes an import java.awt.Color; line).

Deploying the PJC
In order for the Oracle9i Form applet to be able to use our new component we need to package it up and place it in an accessible place for the Web server.

1. Right Click on the pjc.jpr node and choose "New". Show me.
2. From the "New Gallery" choose "Deployment Profile" "JAR File - Simple Archive" . Show me
3. Accept the default for the deploy file name. Show me
4. Accept the defaults in the JAR file property window. Show me.
5. Right click on the archive1.deploy file in the navigator and choose "Deploy To...". Show me
6. Change directory to "%9iDS_HOME%\forms90\java" and deploy your JAR file to this directory. Show me
7. Your PJC is now packaged and ready to be used by Oracle9i Forms.

Using the PJC in your Form

1. Create a new Form in Oracle9i Forms and add a new TEXT_ITEM to it.
2. Change the implementation class property of the Text Item to pjcs.PJC1 (watch for upper/lower case). Show me.
3. Before you run your form you need to add the JAR file we've created to the HTML file that will load the Forn.
4. Open the "%9iDS_HOME%\forms90\server\formsweb.cfg" file and add a new configuration called [PJC] at its end. Show me.
5. Save the file and exit.
6. Now run your Form from inside the Oracle9i Forms Developer. The form is running using the default configuration, therefore doesn't use the JAR file, the PJC doesn't work.
7. Exit the form but don't close the browser.
8. Change the URL used to run your form and add "config=pjc&" after the "f90servlet?" part of the URL. Show me
9. Your Form should run now with the PJC working try entering the field and typing a value starting with "a" the text item would turn green. Show me
10. If you type a value starting with "b" the item would change color to cyan. Show me

Learn How-To Debug Your PJC Here

See How-To Debug Your PJC Here