Oracle Forms Services 11g

Oracle Forms, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, is Oracle's long-established technology to design and build enterprise applications quickly and efficiently. Oracle remains committed to the development of this technology, and to the ongoing release as a component of the Oracle platform. This continuing commitment to Forms technology enables you to leverage your existing investment by easily upgrading and integrating existing Oracle Forms applications to take advantage of web technologies and service oriented architectures (SOA).
bulletThe Evolution of Forms survey results
Recently, Oracle Partner AuraPlayer hosted a survey in an effort to understand Forms users' desires for the product's future and to understand how they use it.  On April 25, 2014 (1pm - 2pm EDT) the Oracle Forms PM will join AuraPlayer to share the survey results with customers on a live webcast.  Join AuraPlayer and the Oracle Forms PM as we discuss the survey results and share some future plans for Oracle Forms.  Register to attend here.
bulletOracle Partner sponsored survey
Participate in a short online survey about your plans and desires for Oracle Forms and be entered to win.  Survey will be closed after 15-March-2014.  Don't miss your chance to win.  This survey is being provided by Oracle Partner AuraPlayer. The Oracle Forms PM will be reviewing the results along with AuraPlayer.
bulletAccessing Oracle Forms through Oracle Traffic Director
An overview on how to configure OTD in a Forms environment.
bulletOracle Forms/Reports (Patch 2) Released
This release can be applied as a patch on top of 11.1.2.x installation or as a new installation. Be sure to review the product Certification Guide for the latest updates on certified configurations and the latest updates to the Documentation Library.  06-January-2014
bullet Oracle Forms Features WebCast 
Interested in hearing about the future of Oracle Forms?  What about new features you haven't used before?  How would you like to access your Forms business logic from ADF Mobile without changing a single line of Forms code?  Check out today's (12-Dec-2013) webcast at 12pm EST, hosted by ODTUG.   Details found here
bullet DOAG13 User Group Conference 
Nuremberg Germany,  November 19-21.  Oracle Forms sessions Nov 19 at 5pm and 20th at 9am.  Other Forms sessions throughout the show.  Don't miss your chance to share your ideas for the next release with the Oracle Forms Product Manager.  Follow us on Twitter and the Oracle Forms Forums.
bullet Open World 2013 
The OOW13 Forms Future presentation can be downloaded from here.
bullet Oracle Forms has added its first JDeveloper extension (Forms PJC Wizard 1.0) to the JDev Update Center. Although this extension has been around for some time, it has finally been added to the Update Center, making installation and updating simple. For anyone not familiar with this extension, it is intended to provide a basic template for Oracle Forms developers wanting to add Pluggable Java Components to their Forms applications. Adding PJCs to a Forms application is a great way to enhance the look-and-feel (and functionality) of any application.
bullet New customer case study by AuraPlayer.  Matrix goes mobile with its Oracle Forms application usingAuraPlayer.  
bullet Oracle/PITSS iSeminar replay: Oracle Forms App Modernization.  Presented by PITSS and Oracle Forms Product Management.  Learn about Oracle's product direction for Forms and what services are available through PITSS.  Download replay here or streaming replay here. (.ARF Player may be required.  Download here)
bullet New customer case study by RENAPS.  600 forms and 500 reports upgraded from 6i to 11g
bullet 10 Years Younger - The Oracle Forms Makeover Case studies on how Oracle Forms applications have been modernized through extreme UI redevelopment. (This article first appeared in the ODTUG Technical Journal.
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Oracle Forms 11g Release 2
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Oracle Forms 11g
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