Oracle Help for the Web Client (OHW-RC) Production Release
Date of Release : 9/22/2011





  • Oracle Help for the Web Rich Client (OHW-RC) is a new user interface for the Oracle Help Technologies family of help system products.
  • OHW RC is a web application built with the rich client ADF Faces 11g components . It provides full support for the Oracle Help file formats and is intended to replace OHW UIX.
  • OHW RC can be used to provide context-sensitive help for web applications or as a means for processing and displaying a structured view of independent HTML content on the web.
  • OHW RC is used to provide the Help framework for Oracle Web Fusion applications such as Enterprise Manager, ODSM, and WebCenter.


Some of the features in OHW RC are:

  • Provides a familiar tri-pane (menu/toolbar, navigators, topic view) design, similar to Oracle Help for Java (OHJ) or Microsoft HTML Help.
  • No full browser refresh when working with OHW-RC buttons and widgets.
  • HelpProvider feature to provide embedded help information in Rich ADF Faces components.
  • Users can view current navigator and current topic at the same time.
  • Preloading feature to help reduce initialization of helpsets in cold loading.
  • Provides richer interaction experience by utilizing scrolling instead of paging, supporting incremental find in the Index Navigator and so on.
  • Enhanced search functionality.
  • Adheres to the BLAF+ specifications to be consistent with Fusion Applications.
  • Other functionality enhancements such as auto-synch support for table of content, quick search, look ahead of topic key in Index Navigator and support of custom navigator

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