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The Oracle Help technologies provide the means for developing and displaying HTML-based help systems for Java and web applications. Authors can create a single help system that can be displayed - without modification - both in a Java environment, using Oracle Help for Java (OHJ); and in a web environment, using Oracle Help for the Web.

Oracle Help for Java (OHJ) is a set of Java components, a Java API, and a file formats specification for developing and displaying HTML-based help content in a Java environment. OHJ is designed primarily for displaying help for Java applications, although it can also be implemented as a stand-alone document viewer for use in a Java environment. 

Oracle Help for the Web - RC (OHW-RC), similar to OHW-UIX, delivers HTML-based Help content in a Web environment. It uses the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) which is based on the Java Server Faces (JSF) technology, to build a user interface that follows Oracle's Browser Look and Feel Plus (BLAF+) behaviors and guidelines.

OHW-RC uses the model layer to provide Help content, build the table of contents, process indexes, and execute searches. Users can have access to a single instance of OHW-RC, because the Help contents are processed at the server side.

OHJ and OHW are available for free from this Web site. You may redistribute OHJ as the help system for your application at no cost, and you may also implement OHW at no cost.

Technical Information

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