Oracle Help for Java Production Release
(Requires JavaSE 6 or higher)
Date of Release : 9/22/2011




Changes In This Release

Oracle Help is a new release that contains mostly bug fixes, except for the following.

  • This release contains bug fixes and an enhancement to the search functionality. You can now include a * character in a search term. For example, searching for add* will match all words that begin with "add".

Dependency Information

This release is distributed with Oracle's modified version of ICESoft's ICE Browser 6.1.3. Although OHJ has a pluggable HTML architecture, the ICE Browser is the default html component used by OHJ and no other browsers are currently recommended.

Sun Microsystems Java SE 6.0 or higher is required to use OHJ . Java SE 6.0 is recommended.

Installing OHJ and Running the Demos

  1. Unzip the OHJ installation .zip file into a directory of your choice
  2. Ensure that you have the JAVA_HOME environment variable set to the location of your compatible Java SE installation
  3. In the OHJ installation directory, there is a bin subdirectory containing Windows .cmd files and Unix/Linux shell scripts. On Windows platforms, double click on the .cmd files to launch them (or type the .cmd file name on the command line). On Unix platforms, type "sh" to execute the shell scripts.
    • ohguide.cmd ( - launches the Oracle Help Guide documentation
    • choiceDemo.cmd ( - launches a demo of Oracle Help features
    • cshDemo.cmd ( - launches a demo of context sensitive help
    • helpsetDemo.cmd ( - launches the Helpset Previewer for testing your helpsets
    • authoringWizard.cmd (authoringWizard.bat) - launches the Helpset Authoring Wizard
  4. Optionally, on Windows platforms, you may wish to add the OHJ registry entries that tell Help Authoring Tools where to find the Oracle Help for Java installation.
    • Locate the ohj-windows-registry.reg file in the bin subdirectory of your OHJ installation
    • Edit the file to replace all instances of the OHJ_DIR placeholder with the full path to your OHJ installation
    • Save the file and double click on the file to execute it.
    • We hope to automate this process in a future release

Files Included in this Release

  • ohj.jar ( OHJ main jar file -- required to run OHJ)
  • help-share.jar ( Oracle Help Share jar file -- required to run OHJ)
  • oracle_ice.jar (6.1.3 Oracle-modified ICE Browser -- required to run OHJ)
  • jewt.jar ( OHJ dependency -- required to run OHJ)
  • share.jar ( OHJ dependency -- required to run OHJ)
  • help-demo.jar ( Demo binaries and demo source code -- not required)
  • help-wizard.jar ( OHJ Helpset Authoring Wizard binaries -- not required)
  • help-indexer.jar ( OHJ Full Text Search Indexer -- not required)
  • wizard-ewt.jar ( HelpSet Wizard Dependencies -- not required)
  • demodoc directory (OHJ helpsets used in the demos)
  • bin directory (containing cmd/shell scripts to run the demos)
  • doc directory (containing helpful OHJ Documentation)


Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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