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 ADF Mobile Updated - new native skins + Xcode5 support.  30-Jan-2014
 TXI Case Study - ReadyTrac mobile application powered by Oracle ADF Mobile.  30-Jan-2014
 Back-end to the Future: Using your Existing Oracle ADF Applications as a Pillar of your Mobile Strategy.  10-December-2013
 Cargonaut, insight in air cargo traffic with Oracle ADF Essentials.  20-September-2013
 Shikun Binui Modernizes and Mobilizes its Oracle Forms based Building Management System using Oracle Fusion Middleware, ADF Mobile and AuraPlayer.  19-September-2013
 We are lining up a great set of seminars that aim to provide new technical content to both the novice and the expert developer. A live complete list of Oracle ADF activities at OOW '13 is available here.  5-September-2013
 Oracle ADF Architecture TV - A New YouTube channel covering all aspects of ADF development lifecycle from planning, to design, to development, deployment and delivery.  21-August-2013
 Take a Tour of the Improved Apache Maven Support in JDeveloper 12c.  25-July-2013
 JDeveloper 12c ( is a major release, bringing support for an corresponding new Fusion Middleware release 12.1.2.  11-July-2013
 Download the new Oracle JDeveloper 12c  11-July-2013
 New ADF Insider - Avoiding JSF and ADF Lifecycle Frustrations  9-July-2013
 PITSS America and DTE Energy: Oracle Forms to ADF Modernization Reference - Automated Rail Receipts (ARR) Application  13-June-2013
 Matrix Mobilizes Oracle Forms-Based "Tafnit ERP" Using Oracle ADF Mobile  13-June-2013
 Oracle Forms to ADF Modernization Reference - Convero (AMEC) Project  11-June-2013
 New ADF Insider Essentials - Oracle ADF Mobile: Using the Local Database  5-June-2013
 New ADF Academy Course - Oracle ADF Mobile  4-June-2013
 New Oracle JDeveloper Available  2-May-2013
 New Oracle JDeveloper Available  2-May-2013
 New ADF Mobile Insider - Calling REST Services from an ADF Mobile Application  04-Mar-2013
 New Oracle ADF Insider Seminars - Introduction to Oracle ADF Mobile  20-Feb-2013
 New Oracle ADF Insider Seminars - One-Size-Doesn't-Fit-All: Oracle ADF Architectural Fundamentals  07-Nov-2012
 New Oracle ADF Mobile - iOS and Android Development  22-Oct-2012
 New Oracle ADF Essentials - Free to develop and deploy  24-Sep-2012
 New Features and bug fixes  24-Sep-2012
 Watch Oracle ADF seminars recordings on-demand and get the slides  13-August-2012
 Check out new online lessons in the ADF Insider series  03-August-2012
 A massive list of Oracle ADF Code samples from across the web - categorized by topic  26-June-2012
 Part two of the free online advanced ADF trainging. Covers advanced topics around Oracle ADF Faces including layouts, skinning, templating and more  25-June-2012
 Best practices for Oracle ADF based application UI design.  24-June-2012
 Register today for Virtual Developer Day: Fusion Development - July 10, 2012  19-June-2012
 These awards honor customers for their cutting-edge solutions using Oracle Fusion Middleware.  03-May-2012
 New 0nline course covering advanced ADF topics  29-Feb-2012
 Include New Features and bug fixes  22-Feb-2012
 Support for HTML5 rendering and finger gestures  22-Feb-2012
 Workshops to introduce your to ADF in your country  15-Feb-2012
 Contribute in Shaping the ADF Learning Resources  17-Oct-2011
 Download ADF Session presentations from Oracle OpenWorld 2011  17-Oct-2011
 New Oracle JDeveloper is Here  22-Sep-2011
 Oracle ADF Sessions List for Oracle OpenWorld 2011  15-Sep-2011
 New Summit ADF Project is Available  11-Jul-2011
 New Features in Oracle JDeveloper 11g 11.1.2  07-Jun-2011
 New ADF Faces Skin Editor  07-Jun-2011
 New ADF Insider Task Flows Seminars  01-Jun-2011
 Oracle JDeveloper PS4 Released   06-May-2011
 Register Today - Virtual Developer Day - Rich Enterprise Applications  12-Apr-2011
 Techniques for Testing Performance/Scalability and Stress-Testing ADF Applications 4-Apr-2011
 Oracle ADF Insider Essentials Series   28-Mar-2011
 Oracle ADF Developer Certification Available   11-Mar-2011
 Configuring WebLogic Managed Servers for ADF   10-Mar-2011
 ADF Faces Components Visio Stencils   07-Mar-2011
 ADF Regions Interactions - An Overview   16-FEB-2011
 Using JavaScript in ADF Faces Applications   31-Jan-2011
 ADF Insider Contextual Events   31-Jan-2011
 Oracle JDeveloper 11g Patch Set 3 Now Available   14-Jan-2011
 JDeveloper PS3 - New Features List   14-Jan-2011
 New ADF Insider Basics Seminars   07-Jan-2011
 Using JavaScript with Oracle ADF Faces   30-Nov-2010
 JSF 2.0 Overview and Adoption Roadmap   29-Nov-2010
 Using Groovy in Oracle ADF Seminar   18-Oct-2010
 Oracle Develop 2010 Keynote Replay   28-Sep-2010
 Classic Mistakes with Oracle ADF Internal APIs - 2 Part Seminar   28-Sep-2010
 New Advanced ADF Virtual Live Course - Build Applications with ADF II   10-Sep-2010
 New Extension - Reuse existing Oracle Forms in ADF pages   10-Sep-2010
 New Book - Quick Start Guide to Oracle Fusion Development   30-Aug-2010
 Adapting Oracle ADF and Subversion to Your Enterprise's Needs   30-Aug-2010
 A Guide to JDeveloper and ADF Content at Oracle OpenWorld   16-Aug-2010
 ADF Bindings Internals Part 2 Seminar   16-Aug-2010
 ADF Binding Internals - Technical Seminar   05-Aug-2010
 ADF Faces Skinning - Technical Seminar   02-Aug-2010
 Working with EJB and ADF Binding   02-Aug-2010
 Oracle ADF Application Security Explained 30-Jul-2010
 Working with ADF Faces Templates and Declarative Components 01-Jul-2010
 New ADF Desktop Integration Page 09-Jun-2010
 Building Customizable Oracle ADF Applications with Oracle MDS 09-Jun-2010
 Building Customizable Applications Using Oracle MDS 03-Jun-2010
 Libraries You Can Depend On 02-Jun-2010
 Developing Oracle ADF Applications for the BlackBerry Smartphone 12-May-2010
 ADF Task Flow Design Fundamentals 12-May-2010
 JDeveloper 11g New Features List 27-Apr-2010
 Oracle JDeveloper 11g Released 27-Apr-2010
 Oracle JHeadstart 11g Evaluation Download 26-Apr-2010
 ADF Functional UI Patterns Available as Extension 25-Apr-2010
 New Sample TaskFlow - ADF Survey 02-Apr-2010
 ADF Design Pattern Documentation Available As an Extension 02-Apr-2010
 ADF Desktop Integration Component and Feature Demo 22-Mar-2010
 ADF Insider -SOA and ADF Integration 09-Mar-2010
 New Extension - Check ADF Code Quality 05-Mar-2010
 Simplifying Development via Inheritance with ADF Business Components 05-Mar-2010
 Continuous Integration with Hudson 24-Feb-2010
 Testing Your Oracle ADF Faces Application with Selenium 24-Feb-2010
 Oracle ADF Desktop Integration Security Whitepaper 23-Feb-2010
 Building Oracle ADF Applications with Ant and JUnit 18-Feb-2010
 Demos - Integrating Oracle ADF with Oracle SOA Suite 09-Feb-2010
 How to Develop with ADF Business Components for Multiple Databases 07-Feb-2010
 ADF Faces Cheat Sheets 02-Feb-2010
 New EJB with ADF Tutorials and Demo 22-Jan-2010
 New Advanced Web Services with ADF Tutorials 22-Jan-2010
 New Technical Paper On Metadata Services (MDS) 20-Jan-2010
 New OTN Fusion Developer Days Schedule 06-Jan-2010
 New Book - Oracle Fusion Developer Guide 29-Dec-2009
 Use Taskflow Routers for Conditional Navigation 29-Dec-2009
 Developing REST Web Services with JDeveloper and Jersey 02-Dec-2009
 Oracle User Interface Shell 25-Nov-2009
 OTN Fusion Developer Days in Europe 24-Nov-2009
 Accessibility Global Link Fuctional Pattern 24-Nov-2009
 New Oracle JDeveloper 11g Version Available 10-Nov-2009
 Explore Hundreds of New Features and Enhancements 10-Nov-2009
 Introduction to the Maven Extension 10-Nov-2009
 Working with the AutoSuggest Behavior 10-Nov-2009
 New Course - ADF Desktop Integration 09-Nov-2009
 Mobile Development with Oracle ADF 22-Oct-2009
 Technical Article - One Smart Combo 21-Oct-2009
 New Book - Oracle JDeveloper 11g Handbook 20-Oct-2009
 Upcoming Fusion Workshops in USA and UK 21-Sep-2009
 Help Us Improve ALM in JDeveloper 10-Sep-2009
 Focus on Fusion Development at OOW 2009 21-Aug-2009
 Debug More Effectively with the ADF Debugger 20-Aug-2009
 Oracle JDeveloper Released 19-Aug-2009
 Warning on Unsaved Changes Functional Pattern 12-Aug-2009
 Targets, Accessors, and Trees 11-Aug-2009
 Oracle ADF Desktop Integration Localization 31-Jul-2009
 Working with the Calendar Component 21-Jul-2009
 Ajax in Oracle ADF Rich Client 17-Jul-2009
 New Oracle Team Productivity Tutorial 17-Jul-2009
 MedNet - New ADF 11g Customer Story 16-Jul-2009
 Learn with New Demos and Tutorials 01-Jul-2009
 Explore Hundreds of New Features 01-Jul-2009
 Oracle JDeveloper 11g R1 Released 01-Jul-2009
 Team Productivity Center, SOA and WebCenter Extensions 01-Jul-2009
 New OTN Fusion Developer Days Coming 24-Jun-2009
 Clear Windows Extension for JDeveloper 11g 24-Jun-2009
 Watch OTN Virtual Developer Day Replays 02-Jun-2009
 Taking an Oracle ADF Application from Design to Reality 14-May-2009
 ADF for Beehive Developers 08-May-2009
 New Extension - Save/Print XML Schemas 08-May-2009
 JDJ Reviews JDeveloper 11g 08-May-2009
 Virtual Developer Day: Rich Enterprise Applications 27-Apr-2009
 Don't Miss JDeveloper and ADF Sessions at Collaborate 2009 26-Apr-2009
 Introduction to Groovy Support in Oracle ADF 09-Apr-2009
 Oracle JDeveloper 11g Update 2 Available for Download 03-Apr-2009
 Web Seminar - RIA and Web 2.0 Development Made Simple 02-Apr-2009
 Web Seminar - Java EE 5.0 New Features 02-Apr-2009
 Free Fusion Developer Workshops - Coming to Europe 04-Feb-2009
 ADF Data Visualization Components Demo Available 03-Feb-2009
 Migrate Woodstock Components to ADF Faces 03-Feb-2009
 Oracle AIA Extension for JDeveloper 11g 03-Feb-2009
 Free Fusion Developer Workshops - New Schedule 27-Jan-2009
 New Search Extensions for JDeveloper 11g 27-Jan-2009
 New Tutorials - ADF for Forms Developers 26-Jan-2009
 ADF Region Interaction Patterns 23-Jan-2009
 Spring and RSS Extensions for JDeveloper 11g 22-Jan-2009
 10.1.3 New Extensions - Project Utils, BAM, ESB and Python 21-Jan-2009
 New Workspace Zipper and Tomcat Integration Extensions 09-Jan-2009
 Developing for iPhone with Oracle JDeveloper and ADF 22-Dec-2008
 Using Subversion in ADF Project - Best Practices 15-Dec-2008
 Oracle JDeveloper 11g Update 1 Available for Download 10-Dec-2008
 Embeding Regions inside PopUp Windows 25-Nov-2008
 Initiate Control Flow within a Region from its Parent Page 25-Nov-2008
 Implementing Cell Highlighting in Rich Tables 11-Nov-2008
 JavaPosse Interview - Oracle Developer Tools 22-Oct-2008
 Redeveloping an Oracle Forms Application using Oracle JDeveloper 22-Oct-2008
 Oracle JDeveloper 11g Goes Production 06-Oct-2008
 New Demos and Tutorials for JDeveloper 11g 06-Oct-2008
 New Documentation Set for Oracle JDeveloper and ADF 11g 06-Oct-2008
 New OTN Fusion Developer Day Schedule 03-Oct-2008
 ADF Faces Rich Client Layout Best Practices 13-Aug-2008
 Master-Detail-MoreDetail Functional Pattern 04-Aug-2008
 Using the ADF URL Data Control to Read RSS Feeds 04-Aug-2008
 New JDeveloper Available - Bug Fixes Release 29-Jul-2008
 ADF Faces RC : Enable/Disable Pattern 24-Jul-2008
 New JDeveloper Libraries for Ant Extension 18-Jul-2008
 Remote Debugging WebLogic Server with JDeveloper 14-Jul-2008
 Oracle JDeveloper and Workshop for WebLogic Interoperability 14-Jul-2008
 New Fusion Development Workshops Schedule 07-Jul-2008
 Deploying ADF Applications to an Oracle WebLogic Server 01-Jul-2008
 JDeveloper 11g Cue Card Tutorials 03-Jun-2008
 Simplifying Common Navigation and Coding Tasks 03-Jun-2008
 Team Development Using Subversion - Best Practices 13-May-2008
 Creating Oracle Coherence Caches in Oracle JDeveloper 13-May-2008
 New Oracle JDeveloper Technology Preview 4 is Out 01-May-2008
 Meet Oracle at JavaOne 2008 01-May-2008
 Using Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client and the Active Data Service 09-Apr-2008
 PodCast - Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client 01-Apr-2008
 Track Technical Blog Entries For JDeveloper 18-Feb-2008
 Creating Reusable JSF Components with JDeveloper 11g 15-Jan-2008
 Working with Graphs and Gauges in JDeveloper 11 07-Jan-2008
 New OTN Developer Days Schedule 07-Jan-2008
 New Oracle JDeveloper Technology Preview 3 Download Available 21-Dec-2007
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