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When you complete the steps for creating the web service using the wizard, the Application Navigator should look similar to this:

Application Navigator, web service created

After testing the web service in JDeveloper's integrated server, the HTTP Analyzer in the IDE should look similar to this:

HTTP Analyzer window, message sent

The processed value of 18.0 is returned in the Response pane. Take note of the WSDL URL in the HTTP Analyzer window (for example, http://localhost:7101/WSDataControlApp-EJBModel-webapp/CalculateFreightBeanService?WSDL). Do not stop the application, Integrated WebLogic Server or close the HTTP Analyzer window.

After you created the stateless session bean and generated the web service, notice that JDeveloper has added @Stateless, @WebService, and @BindingType annotations in the file.

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